The Lost City of My Son

A pre-eminent complex of the old Hindu civilisation of the Champa kingdom, the city of My Son was once a massive temple citadel built into the valley of the mountains southwest of […]

Discovering Barri Gòtic

About Barri Gòtic The ancient part of Barcelona where history remains very much alive, Barri Gòtic or the Gothic Quarter is hardly unheard of. A gem of Barcelona seated in the heart […]

5 Reasons To Visit Da Nang

Blessed with long stretches of sandy beaches and rhythmic incoming stress-melting crests of crashing waves, the first thing that impresses many travellers to Da Nang is its beaches. However, the city has much […]

Toast & Roast

The ‘roasted meat’ fare in Malaysia is a very common local delight where it can be found almost everywhere from street food stands to townhouse shoplots to marketplaces and to even fancy […]