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Top Mother’s Day Weekend Escapade In Asia

Mother's Day Weekend Escapade

Roses, chocolate, fine dining, luxury spa treat…. All of these are definitely wonderful gifts of affection to pamper the most important women in our life. But for every person there is only one great woman, who is way more ‘senior’ than us, who has not only sacrificed more than half of her life just to care and provide for us, but also gave us life respectively and yet whom may not even had the luxury to truly enjoy their own young-hood; our Mums.

Some pioneer mums may not even have the chance to hop on a plane to a destination they always wanted to go before. Even till this very moment as my keyboard cursor blinks with words, all that’s in their mind is to save and be thrifty so as to help us, ‘their forever kids’, to lead a better life than theirs. In every Mum’s eyes, we are never old even if our age increases inevitably year by year and their hair goes from grey to greyer.


Thus, it is time to do something different this Mother’s Day for our own mums. In case you’re all out of ideas, how about beautiful flowers, great food, grandeur spa experience and a book filled with real sweet memories and exciting events all happening in a new world of a place somewhere out there? With the huge number of daily flights and flight routes in and around Asia, travelling with mum is made affordable and easy these days even for a short weekend getaway without having to break the bank or to be too long on leave from work.

Just imagine what a little getaway to a magical faraway land embraced by the sea could do for you and your mum. Coupled with all that private time just for the two of you to reconnect with each other and catch up on all the mother-daughter stuff together, the quality time and new renewed bonds creates new chapters in each of your lifetimes and only help daughters become better mums themselves! To celebrate all mums and mothers out there, here are the top mother-daughter or “Ladies’ Paradise” destinations in Asia.



Hong Kong

A cosmopolitan city for both young and old, Hong Kong is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Shop till you drop, there are an uncountable number of shopping malls with prestigious designer boutiques all squeezed under one roof for your splurging comfort. Hong Kong is hailed as one of the best places in Asia to buy luxury goods and some of the newly launched seasoned items too. So, be sure to bring extra bags for both your loots and bounty!

The diverse food scene in Hong Kong only fills the belly with temptation and mouth with drool. From humble street food stalls to Michelin award restaurants with traditional local fares to western fusion and innovative dishes, you are sure to fill your palates and grumpy stomachs with nothing less than exceptional satisfaction after all that shopping from one street to another. To end the night, head up to one of the gorgeous roof top bars along the bay and enjoy a couple of colourful cocktails as the night goes by as the Hong Kong skyline lights up.




The island of mountains, tea and snacks. Taipei is just the place for those mothers and daughters who love ‘everything in between’. By that I mean all the snacking and queer tidbits between meals that clearly beats having fixed daily meals. With night street food markets all across town selling all kinds of eat-to-go snacks and ‘compact’ meals, I’m sure mothers from all over the world will be amazed as to how simple yet deliciously full these snacks can be especially with the hundreds of variants and combinations that turn them into gourmet meals. 

Besides the food, Taipei definitely hits the spot for ladies’ fashion and beauty needs. From relaxing beauty masks to your mom’s annual hair and nail-do, Taipei is filled with beauty parlours and fashion boutiques all across town with competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Make your mom look younger with retro fashion and all those rejuvenating therapies available here.




For the adventurous mother and daughter, Krabi is the place where you can get all outdoor and sweaty together. A great tropical destination that is restful with stunning beaches and not overly touristy, Krabi allows you to enjoy every moment with ease and some well deserved privacy.

Visit the famous Wat Tham Seua, also known as Tiger Cave. If you are up for the challenge, you can climb up the arduous stairs of 1,237 steps to its summit. You will be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view of Krabi and its verdant mountains and valleys coved by the bays of the sea. Otherwise, Wat Kaew Korawaram, the White Temple of Krabi is also a good place to explore. It is located in the city and can be easily reached on foot.

Take in the essence of paradise, lazing on one of Krabi’s pristine and picture perfect beaches. Coconut trees and pina coladas is definitely great for an evening sunset session with your mum since by now you should be of legal age for drinking! Or simply unwind with Thai deep tissue acupuncture massages all day long to unbuckle all that motherly stress all these years and to make yourselves feel younger and lighter again.




Luxury villas and spa indulgence, beaches and sunsets, exciting episodes of day tripping adventures from one end to another, Bali is the definite place for R & R (relax and rejuvenate).

Soak up the sun, the warm embrace of the tropical sea breeze or simply just meditate on the serene beaches. Bali captivates all kinds of travellers be they weary or looking for some adrenaline action. Over here on this tropical paradise with wide open beaches and clear blue crested waves, you and your mum can even try a hand at surfing with many surfing schools open for all ages and beginners. Something to strike off that bucket list for both of you once and for all.

Otherwise get your muscles kneaded with traditional Balinese deep tissue massage to remove all those years of toil trapped beneath both your skins. There are clean and updated massage parlours opening up almost every corner of Bali with some offering bundle deals that include ladies’ complete pamper package of pedicures and manicures.

But for those mums who would like a more suburb like retreat, head north to Ubud and Canggu areas to experience the infamous terraced rice fields and a simple yet slow paced life. For the urban-working mums, the serenity of clean clear open skies and simplicity of life living near these huge swaths of padi fields will just lower your heartbeat and melt away all that stress accumulated in your life. Soak in the cheers and happiness of the simple farming folks here and try your hand at flying the traditional ‘wau’ kites to help uplift your spirits higher.



Although every Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate and remember the greatness of our mums, there are here everyday of our lives. Let’s treat our mum well not only on Mother’s Day but everyday with love and respect. For without our mums, we wouldn’t be here.

Before I end this blog, I would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. And to my own mum in Heaven, “Happy Mother’s Day Mum. You are the best!”


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