Sagrada Família Photo Tour

Sagrada Família Photo Tour















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Its foundation laid since 1882 and having embarked on a century long construction journey, the Sagrada Família is the icon of Barcelona well known for its amazingly intricate building details. Seated gloriously in the Eixample area, the Sagrada Família is a cathedral designed by Spain renowned architectural genius, Antoni Gaudí, and is often deemed as the enchantment that cast a never ending spell on thousands of visitors from across the globe with nothing less than spellbinding awe. 

I was drawn to Barcelona because I myself was stung by the beauty and long historic mysteries of the Sagrada Família. Since my first trip here, I have seen the cathedral’s development day by day, step by step. And finally, after many winters, it is finally in its last stage of construction and calling out to completion. This gem of Barcelona will come as a one of a kind world wonder…quite literally an ancient wonder completed in the modern new world.

A mystical cathedral like no other, Sagrada Família’s complicated facades are excellently beautified with its intricate sculptures and carvings signifying coded biblical tales that takes a sharp eye to unveil. With hidden cryptograms and anagrams tucked in every corner, every bit of detail is a challenge to decode. Absolutely magical against the majestic orange backdrop of every sunrise and sunset in Barcelona, the extraordinary ambience the Sagrada Família emanates into its surrounding neighbourhood is truly special and you will definitely not find it anywhere else on earth.


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