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The ‘roasted meat’ fare in Malaysia is a very common local delight where it can be found almost everywhere from street food stands to townhouse shoplots to marketplaces and to even fancy restaurants and diners. The taste and bite? Yes, there is genuine difference in each and every one of them. Yet it all depends on each individual’s tastebud preference.

Hyping its name as ‘the real char siew’ through simple word of mouth by the locals in Kuala Lumpur and garnering good reviews generated on the cyberspace, Toast & Roast gained its popularity amongst many meat lovers who simply adore the sultry glaze and melting roast of  char siew. Even Singaporeans flock over like migratory birds to have a little bite of it.

Char siew is a Cantonese style barbecued pork, well seasoned and cooked over open fire or in a covered oven with generationally different methods and ingredients. It is often served with noodles or rice with a homemade special dipping sauce on the side or poured over.


Have recently spotted it on Facebook, Toast & Roast is situated in a quiet street, below the shophouses in the quiet neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya. Although the shop is hidden away from major main roads and highways, it is just a five minutes walk from Tropicana Shopping Mall and enclaved deep in the heart of the simple SS2 neighbourhood.


The menu of Toast & Roast features a wide variety of meat roast like char siew, deep-fried roasted pork and roasted chicken. However, the centre-stage is still its beloved char siew. At the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the overwhelming loads of freshly barbecued char siew, all hung proudly and dressed in its shiny glaze.

Even though I am not a big fan of char siew, I have to reckon on my first bite that, this is one of the best char siew I have had. Unlike Singapore char siew which is overly sweet and thinly sliced and tough to chew, Toast & Roast’s char siew is rightly marinated to induce its flavour with each bite and yet not too sweet even for my liking. Roasted to perfection, the char siew is succulently tender on the inside and slightly charred on the outside and it simply melts away deep behind the tongue as it slowly envelopes the taste buds all around and filters deep into your soul.

The roasted pork is also well executed. Juicy and tender on the inside, crispy and cackling on the outside. However, I find it a bit fatty to my liking. I regretted that I did not ask for a leaner meat cut when I first ordered this. Maybe next time I will.

As for the roasted chicken, it was a pity that the meat was a little too dry to taste even though the skin is thin, crispy and flavourful.

This is my favourite of all the above dishes ordered. The original Hakka noodles. The noodles is kind of similar to ‘mee pok’ but the texture is much better compared to mee pok. Cooked to a perfect al dente, the noodles is springy and palatable, mixes in the right amount of flavour. The minced pork and fish skin topping, which initially I mistook it to be deep fried pork lard, gives an added oomph to each mouthful. To elevate the taste, top it with some green cut vinegar chilli.

Overall, a meal without char siew is never complete at Toast & Roast. I personally give a thumbs up for the char siew and Hakka noodles. It’s the best I have tasted to date. Serving with quality in mind, the price is also cheap and the food portion is great. 

My gentle advice to you when dining here is to remember to inform the floor staffs upon ordering if you prefer lean meat so they can choose the right cut for you.

Toast & Roast
Address: No. 20, Jalan SS2/72, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia

Contact: +601-6682-2249 
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 16:00 Daily | Closed on Tuesday

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