KK Lok Lok – Skewers On Wheels

A food paradise that truly satisfies a wide range of palates, Malaysian street food simply tastes better than most other places and should be a unique prerequisite for every visitor to Malaysia. From the contemporary town of Johor Bahru to the heritage streets of Penang, food stalls are situated at almost every nook and cranny of main streets and town centres that is sure to leave you spoilt for choice… 

Besides the average three meals a day, Malaysians are known for their belly-full habit of wrapping up their days with a joyous socio-fourth meal; supper. Supper time or second dinner (whatever you wanna call it) stretches deep into the night and usually coincides after any socio-activity that finishes past nine p.m. Whether happily gathered in groups at the nearby conveniently located neighbourhood ‘Mamak’ stall for chit-chats or just having a hot delicious cup of ‘Mamee’ instant noodles at home to warm the belly up before bed, this has been an old norm in Malaysia.


Some of the all-time local supper favourites like Wanton Noodles, Fried Hokkien Mee, Prata, Satay and ‘Lok Lok’ are especially popular among the hungry night owls. Stalls with good reviews and food quality can be extremely packed in the middle of the night and way into closing hours of the wee morning. Even food enthusiastic tourists in the area tend join in the late night jollification…or belly-fication.

Compared to the other local supper favourites, Lok Lok is typically the only self-service type of Malaysian fast-supper bite snacks served on or from a mobile food truck with almost hundreds of varieties to choose from. Lok Lok food trucks are usually found along the side of the neighbourhood roads or car parks near prime nightlife areas. 

Translated to “blanche-blanche” in English, Lok Lok is made of bite-sized ingredients and is similar to the concept of steamboat. As the namesake suggests, Lok Lok simply edifies the light cooking of blanching the skewers in hot boiling broth for a minute or two and is all-ready to eat.

The Lok Lok ingredients are threaded onto bamboo skewers labelled with different colours at the end of the skewer sticks. The colour indicates the price of the skewer and the food it impales vary from raw to semi-cooked fresh foods. With a wide varieties of skewers neatly displayed on or around the food truck, patrons can pick whatever they fancy by themselves, and proceed to have their picks cooked in the pot of flavourful boiling broth saddled on the truck. Some of the Lok Lok trucks also have a grill pan and deep-fryer installed.

Some Lok Lok stall staffs do assist you in cooking your skewers and bring them later to where you’re seated, while some simply have the pots of soup boiling over for you to manually dip your skewers in and collect them a few minutes later when ready. I should warn that the soup broth is re-used to cook every patrons’ skewer…hence meat, vegetables, seafood and other ingredients are cooked in the very same pot. Those with severe allergies should be cautious of eating the boiled foods.


Located in a quaint little town known as Taman Pelangi, KK Lok Lok is a popular local Lok Lok food truck known for its loud hippy music to entertain patrons and for its excellent food quality and service. While the food truck itself is plain and simple, their huge varieties of innovative skewer combinations will instead cause your jaw to drop. Their creativity in skewer creation has earned them the reputation of being the best and largest Lok Lok truck in town; and quite possibly you may never be able to completely try every skewer they had!

A wide selection of skewers ranging from fresh seafood, meats, vegetables and other assorted-combined delicatessen skewers, along with the different styles of cooking and varying types of dipping condiments for extra flavour, patrons are definitely tempted to try at least once! Even their chillies have a wide degree of spiciness and content mixtures.

Lined across rows of long tables next to the food truck in an obscure manner of arrangement, you are given a tray to hold your picks of raw skewers. Once you are happy with your picks, you can pass your tray to the staff. You’ll get the choice to either boil your skewers in the hot flavourful broth or to deep-fry it. Of course you can always go back for more anytime and the process is repeated. Just let them know where you’d be seated and they’ll bring them over to you once done.

Unlike other Lok Lok trucks where you have to cook your own picks and eat standing by the roadside, here the staffs will take care of the cooking for you and serve you when it’s ready. With tables and chairs provided, you can comfortably savour your skewers while sitting alongside the street under the street lights. They even provide a cooler full of can drinks for you to help yourself with…of course these are also chargeable!

I would definitely prefer to have my skewers deep-fried as they garnished them with some slight seasoning for added taste.

My deep-fried skewers were executed to perfection. It was so flavourful that it crisped with every bite. It’s definitely way better than boiling them in the broth and it seems one skewer is not enough! With food this tasty one is sure to go back for seconds or try another condiment.


From the immense food variety offered to the ambient seating arrangements basked in the cooling outdoor atmosphere, plus their food quality and cooking hygiene, this is by far the best Lok Lok experience I had in Malaysia. 

KK Lok Lok
Address: 42, 32 Jalan Pingai Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru Johor Malaysia
Contact: +601-6704-8583
Opening Hours:
22:00 to 04:00 Monday, Tuesday & Thursday to Saturday
22:00 to 00:00 Sunday
Closed on Wednesday

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