Village Roast Duck (Bangsar Village)

Roast meat lovers…. You are going to have your palate satisfied! 

Located at Bangsar Village, Village Duck is a prominent casual dining restaurant that offer Cantonese delicacy at a reasonable price. 

It is a family business led by the Choo siblings who have worked in a roast duck restaurant in London for the past few years. 

Beside roasted delights, their menu also offers a variety of other Cantonese dishes.

A warm hearty complimentary soup is served right after food order is placed.

Roast Duck

The duck was perfectly roasted to golden brown. The meat was amazingly juicy and tender. The skin was crispy with a thin layer of fat underneath.

Roast Pork & Char Siew Platter

Cackling and crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside, the roasted pork was irresistible. The meat almost melt in your mouth. 

Char siew was moist and flavourful, well marinated and not too sweet for my liking.

Sauteed Long Bean with Mince Pork

Excellent veggie dish with fragrant minced pork to compliment the above meaty dishes. The bean are yummy and chewy.

Fried Rice

A simple fried rice but the fresh prawns add greatly to the overall flavour.

Overall, i had a wonderful time dining here. The service was good and staff were friendly. A great place for family or group dinner. As the place gets crowded during lunch and dinner time, do make a reservation in advance.

Village Roast Duck 
Address: Bangsar Village No.1 Jalan Telawi 1 Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Contact: 03-2287-4128
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 Daily

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