The Ultimate Cold Weather Travel Packing List


Styling up for an effortless chic look in the winter is never too difficult a chore nowadays. With vast fashion designs to choose from and all the adorable and trendy styles readily available at an affordable price, wherever you are or going to around the globe, packing your luggage is made simple. These days, if you need to replenish or stock up new items, you are just a click away.

Temperatures are dropping here in Barcelona with the inviting winter breeze to start. In just a few more days to come, people on the street will start wrapping themselves in their yearly end of the year style; winter coat, scarf, beanie and boots.

Although summer in Europe is filled with exciting fun, I loved the winter season the most. Since I’ve grown up in Asia with a tropical climate all year round, winter is always new and fresh to me. I love it when I can dress all up in style of elegant winter coats, cute beanies and flaunt my boots along the self imagined cobblestoned fashion runway lined with gothic architecture. 

Packing your first luggage for a cold weather vacation can be a dilemma and challenge at first but it’s never too difficult. Just a few layering to keep your yourself warm on the inside and from the outside, you can match with trendy coats to achieve a stylish adorable winter look. 

Here’s my packing list for you to have a general idea of what are the basic essentials you may need. Depending on your travel style, do improvise it to best suit you.



Denim Shirt  Denim is an evergreen style. It is comfortable, rugged and matches with anything.

Thermal Shirt The first and most important layer. It does the magic of keeping you extra warm.

Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Shirt Sweatshirt Worn on top of thermal shirt, layer with another long sleeve shirt for an extra level of warm protection when outdoors. As temperatures may vary from day to day, it is good to ensure that this layer can be easily added on or removed without fuss. Temperatures at day and night also differ substantially and at times it may drizzle slightly, so be prepared.


Stylish Coat It is a definite worth to invest in at least one stylish coat. I prefer those with a belt around the waist as it makes me looks slimmer. It also looks stunning when matched with a pair of over the knee boots.

Faux Fur Coat Best in light or pastel colours. Looks cute with a beanie and is a perfect layer to keep warm.

Leather Jacket – Very stylish for a night date. Goes well with leggings or dark jeans. I usually match it with a pair of knee high riding boots with heels.

Fleece Pullover A comfort wear when the weather ain’t too cold. Can be worn alone. But I’m used to layering it on top of my thermal wear to achieve a balanced warm.

Vest Light weight and a perfect comfortable layer. Easily matches and looks good with any shirt.

Poncho Gorgeous when matched with leggings and heeled ankle booties.


Denim Jeans Flexible and easy to match with any outfit.

Active Leggings Versatile, great for outdoor activities and perfect as an under layer.

Fleeced Lined Leggings Goes well with long sweater and t-shirt dress, or can be worn as an under layer on a cold day.

Faux Leather Leggings Super stylish for a date and is an ideal match with leather jacket.


Waterproof Boots A life saver, protecting your feet during heavy rain and snow.

Combat Boots – An everyday boots suitable for all activities from shopping to exploring to outdoor adventure.

Over The Knee Boots Funky and styled booties that complete your ensemble perfectly for a night out gathering or date.


Chunky Scarf – A chunky scarf can add a touch of style to your ensemble and keeps you warm at the same time.

Knit Cap Besides keeping your head warm, it also keeps your hair in place from getting messed up by the winter wind.

Winter Gloves  Something to keep your fingers nice and warm especially if you are going to touch metallic surfaces in the frigid cold. There are also texting gloves if you want total convenience in using your gadgets in the winter comfortably without removing your gloves all the time.

Wool Socks Invest in quality wool socks. It is a great insulator, keeping your feet dry and warm at all times and keeps your feet comfortable for the long winter walk.

Short Brim Hat Cute and easy to match, adding style to your outfits.

Sunglasses Don’t forget this. Sunglasses look cool and camouflage your eyes from the bright sun. It may be winter, but the sun gets really bright.


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  1. Would love to get myself the faux leather leggings! It’s an easy way to elevate an outfit. Save, save, save…then shop. ^_^


  2. Lovely happy smiling pictures Calysta…..looking nice…:)….cute winter dresses…….yes, winter’s slowly setting here in my part of India too…..and winter’s my fav season……enjoy in Barcelona…..:)


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