The Ultimate Bali Packing List


Bali is an island full of big surprises. You’ll never get to fully know what you’re going to do first or where you’ll be going to next as you’d be pumped with so many new itineraries. From the sunny tropical beaches to the glitz and glam streets with posh cafes and restaurants, it is the best place to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. With every thing so pocket-friendly, it is very tempting to want to try everything that comes across your sight. Hence packing the right essentials just to compliment the warm and humid weather for the day’s unexpected activities is crucial, especially for us girls. 

To avoid any hassle you may face in packing your bag to this sunny island, here’s my packing list for you to have a general idea of what are the minimal essentials you may need with you before you land there. Depending on your travel style, do improvise it to best suit you.



Though I don’t swim, I do follow the culture! Everyone there flaunts it. Try out some new fashion swim wears!

Push-up Bikini  An awesome bikini that makes my assets look better (you know what I’m referring to). Definitely a ‘must have’ in my luggage for beach gathering and cocktail session.

Strappy Bikini – Safe and secure bikini,  leaving you without any worries. It is good for swim and other beach activities.


Romper – Light weight and comfortable, trendy and cute. I love it for shopping and roaming the streets while doing my touristy visiting and exploring.

Mini Dress – A sassy dress for every occasion. A mini dress on the road is a perfect outfit for a hot date or dinner gathering.

Sundress  A ‘loose’ enough dress for humid climate as it light and airy.

Kaftan  My perfect beach coverup. Kaftan is always stylish and feminine. Perfect as a standalone outfit too.


Flip Flop  Havaianas…my favourite flip flop and the most popular flip flop brand known for its durability and quality. As a slippers person, this has always been my first choice slippers for beach vacations. Non-slip and water resistant, these stylish flip flop are suitable for all kind of island activities.

Sandals  I love the flexibility of gladiator sandals. Being trendy and fashionable, it goes well with any dress styles, be it shorts and T-shirts or even a simple dress.


Scarf – Light weight and easy to carry around, a scarf can be useful in many ways. I use it to cover myself when the weather gets chilly and I also use it as a ‘Sarong’ sometimes, covering my legs when I go visiting a religious complex.

Simple Necklace | Chunky Necklace | Tassel Earrings – Accessories are a great way to enhance your outfits. Pick one or two accessories that can easily match any style regardless for day or night. As this is a beach vacation, I would prefer something simple and light weight to go with. 


Cross Body Bag – Totally secure without having to worry the bag strip will slip off my shoulder and is comfortable to carry my personal belongings around. Most importantly, my hands are free!

Waterproof Beach Bag – Water resistant beach bag allows me to enjoy the beach in total relaxation mode. I can even dump my wet towel and bikini inside.

Sun Hat – When the sun is high up in the sky, my big brim sun hat always works its magic.

Sunscreen – My favourite sunscreen with antioxidant formula for an ultimate protection against harmful UV rays for my tropical sunny vacation. It is water resistant and non-greasy.

Aviator Sunglasses – A sunglasses style everybody knows about. Classic, trendy and forever popular. I highly recommend the brand; Ray-Ban.


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