20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bali


A sunny tropical island full of vibes located along the archipelagos of Indonesia, Bali is a perfect island for anyone from anywhere to bask in a quintessential getaway. Famous for its crested waves and non-stop surfing scenes, it is a surfer’s definite number one destination. Noted by many as an island of retreat with its peaceful laid back environment and rich cultural heritages, Bali is highly recommended for the rejuvenation of one’s health and wellness. 

Besides the sandy sunset beaches, Bali is also covered with lush green rice paddy fields, breathtaking volcanic mountains and splendid collection of coves and cliffs. Bali is no doubt a heaven on earth blessed with so many natural elements. Resorts of various categories, wellness spas, and, other recreational activities, Bali has lots of options for you to choose from. Irregardless of what your budget is, Bali is the best pocket friendly island getaway destination. An island filled with exquisite culture, amazing culinary and unbelievably cheap massages all beset in a relaxing tranquil environment, Bali will certainly make you wanting to stay for more.

#1. Sunset – Kuta Beach20170608_135254

#2. Kuta Beach Main Street

#3. Hard Rock Cafe

A continuously developing beach due to its booming tourism, Kuta Beach, which was a former fishing village, is today’s most popular resort destination seated on a five kilometre long sandy sunny beach. Located within close walking distance from the beach, a huge concentration of restaurants and cafes will have you spoilt for choice. There is also a modern shopping mall; Beachwalk Shopping Mall with many prestigious brands boutiques and stores.

#4. Uluwatu

#5. Uluwatu

#6. Uluwatu Temple

Perched atop the steep cliffs right under the azure blue sky, the picturesque Uluwatu is home to the renowned Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple. The magnificence of the Indian Ocean is beautifully overwhelming, setting forth a truly relaxing atmosphere. As evening draws near, Uluwatu gets crowded as this is one of the famous hotspots for catching the most impeccable sunset in an unsurpassed natural beauty of nature.

#7. Batu Bolong Beach

An off-beaten track, Batu Bolong is a surfing beach seated in Canggu; another surfer’s paradise. It is many tourists’ favourite as the living expenses here is so much more affordable compared to other part of Bali. Besides treating yourself to one of the many hipster cafes and pubs that can be found conveniently around the location, rejuvenating under the sun on the flat beach, with a couple of ‘oh-so-cheap’ beers is also another best thing to do.

#8. Pura Taman Ayun

Pura Taman Ayun, a temple of the ancient Mengwi Empire is one of Bali’s most alluring temple. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and ponds, the temple is shrouded in an air of mystery and mystique. Occupying a huge premise near the village of Mengwi, the temple is located away from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s touristy streets. With history dating back to the early sixteen century, this is a great place for architectural and archeological fanatics as the elaborate architecture designs with defined attributes will keep you in awe throughout your visit.

#9. Potato Head Beach Club

#10. Potato Head Beach Club

Wallow in the tropical ecstasy of Potato Head Beach Club. A modern, hip restaurant in an amphitheatre-like building dressed with iconic frontage, featuring a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Ignite your palate with a delicious meal in the comfortable restaurant or sip a glass of your favourite cocktails at the pool lounge.

#11. Legian Beach

Yearning for some personal time on a less crowded yet lively corner of a nice sandy beach? Seated between the famous Kuta Beach and the colourful-hip Seminyak Beach, Legian Beach is the second most well-sought after beach. As Legian Beach has less crowd, it is the best beach to have a restful afternoon and enjoy the lovely scenery without the beach hustle.

#12. Seminyak Beach

#13. Sunset – Seminyak Beach

A modern à la mode beach in a sophisticated location, liven with trendy fashion stores and fine international cuisines in a colourful dynamic atmosphere that is always so happening at every nook and cranny of the area. Engulfed by the flaming orange sky as evening falls, Seminyak Beach is every tourist’s favourite buoyant spot for a fanciful glass of innovative cocktails, while adoring the crashing lap of waves.

#14. Tanah Lot

#15. Tanah Lot

As the icon of Bali, the magical temple of Tanah Lot has attracted thousands of curious tourists due to its charming yet unusual formation. The temple is seated magnificently on top of a huge piece of rock in the midst of the crashing waves. Be it just for a selfie with natural-beautiful backdrop or a breathtakingly professional scenic photography, this is a perfect location. It is every tourist’s desire to capture their best picture of their Tanah Lot experience while in Bali.

#16. Silungan Restaurant

Satisfy your taste bud and heighten your culinary experience. Indulge in delectable local Balinese fares. From simple warungs to fine restaurants, the many choices of scrumptious dishes will have you spoilt for choice. The most famous local dishes are Satay, Nasi Goreng and the Balinese Crispy Duck.

#17. Sacred Monkey Forest

Spend an exotic and dramatic morning at the Sacred Monkey ForestBoth a nature reserve park and a holy temple complex turned place of interest, the lush tropical forest with tall towering trees highlight a restful living sanctuary for about 700 long-tailed cheeky friends. Uncaged with total freedom, these monkeys roam around the forest together with their tourist friends. Though cute and adorable, they are masters of pick-pocketery.

#18. Goa Gajah20170418_172951.jpg

A spiritual place dating back to the eleventh century, Goa Gajah is an archaeological site of great significance and historic values for the Balinese people today. Literally translated as “Elephant Cave”, there isn’t any elephant there. Scholars believed that the name came from the huge ‘elephant head’ stone carving inside the cave that symbolises the Hindu Lord Ganesh.

#19. Elephant Safari Park

Home to the majestic elephants, Elephant Safari Park is where you can get a feel of the wild-wild-life activities like riding and feeding the elephants. You can even get close-up to them to pose for an Instagram worthy picture or if you are curious how their big-huge trunks feel like, here you will find out. And oh… these elephants can do Mathematics calculation too. Check them out at the elephant show!

#20. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The astonishing view of the steppe irrigation methods of Tegallalang Rice Terrace has startled many tourists. Tropically evergreen, the landscape of the beautiful rows of golden-hued terraced rice field offers a breathtaking scenery as well as a photogenic backdrop for a stunning landscape photograph. Situated within the premises is a restaurant surrounded by the warm tropical breeze for a fantastic dining experience overlooking the tranquil rice field. 

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The experiences one will encounter in Bali can never be fully explained in writing. Be it spiritual or cultural, it is always something more to take in on the personal side. For me, besides living like a queen in Bali, this is a good place for soul searching and inspiration refining.

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