Bucket List Dream Destinations of My Life


Here I am, a big big girl living in a big big world comprising five oceans and seven continents, surrounded by beautiful cities and countries. From the internet, the world seems so small that people are travelling here and there, flying around the globe with such ease as if they are on a magic broom or flying carpet. 

People have different styles of travel, with different itineraries and some are just looking for a particular ‘thing’ in mind around the globe. It can be something physical, digestible, of nature, an architecture, lifestyle, history, or even of certain culture and value. As for me, I prefer a mix of everything. That is why I choose to base myself in Barcelona. As for the future, I’m not too sure where I’ll be at yet until maybe when I’m lured over. 

While I was drinking with a group of friends last week, one of the guys popped the audience with this question:

“Which is your dream destination and where you’ll want to empty your bucket list before you finally kick the bucket?”

Hmm, sounded pretty harsh especially with the focus on the ‘bucket’ word. Frown! I got stunned and went totally into the “errr” trance, as seriously, who will ever give a thought about this so soon? Maybe some of you do. But not me. I mean the world is so big. I would love to stamp my footprints all over the world in time. I gave it a serious thought. There are actually some places that calls to my heart in which I have always wanted to go so badly. Whenever I saw photos of these places on social media, my heart will start pumping.

Future aside and since I do not know what will happen to me tomorrow or when I’ll be kicking my bucket, as of now, these are the current destinations I would want to tick off my bucket list before I kick the bucket. And who knows, once I tick off these, a new list will appear!


A picture perfect dream heaven!

While I am typing my fingers away, I can’t help but keep think of how good it will be to be spending time, lying on the finest white powdered sand beaches, day dreaming away with the sensuous splash of clear crystal waters, and faintly turquoise sea. Just like in a 24/7 dream.

But hey, I’m not crazy. It’s most everyone’s dream to be living in a perfect stunning island, carefree and simply slacking every moment of life happily all tucked away in a slow and picturesque nature.

From Tahiti to Mo’orea to Taha’a and Bora Bora, every stop is naturally set in its own distinct uniqueness all so worth to chase after for and experience by one’s self. I aim to stay lost in this paradise for a month here to fully absorb these drop-dead gorgeous islands.

Blessed with the gift of natural beauty from inside out, French Polynesia is surrounded by rugged hills and lush island-style tropical foliage. Underneath the glimmering greenish blue sea is home to some of the world’s most beautiful aquamarine species filled with an abundant throve of underwater treasures and landscapes. 

With superbly attractive dive conditions, I will get to snorkel, dive and swim till my soul is satisfied as I bask in the company of 800 unique fish species abound by its seabed blanketed by a spread of beautiful coral reefs. As of now, I need to overcome my fear of water and get an open dive licence before this day arrives so that I could enjoy this gift of nature myself.

7 Tips Before You Quit Your 9 to 5 Job And Trave The World

I wasn’t a fan of Africa at first. Whenever I thought of Africa, I would see images of muddy water, jungles and lots of animals all set under a super hot desert savannah sky with unbearable daily temperatures. The glow of reddish sand and engulfing amber sun is almost tiring for one’s eyes. This was my impression of Africa.

It was not until recently when I saw a picture of the Giraffe Manor on Instagram that stunned me with a different feeling. Soon after, I came across a blog with stunning pictures of the African adventure and this time, Africa really hit me hard. It wasn’t as dry or desert like as I once imagined.

Since I started travelling, I came to accept and love a lot of things I never would do or did before. I actually love Africa now in a way. I love its naturally blessed scenery with spectacular surprises and the wide range of wildlife friends and creatures living there. I love the feeling of waking up to nature’s morning call and get to be in close contact with the lovely animals, studying and observing their daily movement. This is a rich experience which I, and many who live in urban jungles, do not often get the chance to do. 


One of my choices for retirement. A really safe country with a diverse culture and an affordable living standard. With many a great locales for exploration and adventure, from typical urban city life to tranquil mountainous countryside in the different states, and the many different lifestyle activities embodied, Canada is a place of calling that will inspire you everywhere you turn to but it is too big a country to be completed on a single trip. 

What had attracted me to Canada is it’s mix of naturalistic scenery and cosmopolitan lifestyle. 

The very first thing that blinked in my head is the aurora borealis. Every part of Canada promises a good view of the northern lights. So it doesn’t really matter where you are. However, I would love to be in Yellowknife during winter to witness my first ever spectacular northern lights experience. It was claimed that Yellowknife is seated directly below the aurora oval, thus you’ll get a totally unblocked view of the aurora borealis.

Niagara Falls, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Gros Morne National Park, together with several other famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites are all situated in Canada. All of these are on my bucket list which I want to tick off.

Crowned as the Mother of natural wonders, Canada is named as the number one country to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet. Sadly as the year 2017 is screaming its finale, I may not be able to make it on time.


Having a bucket list like this actually strengthens my focus on my travel goals but it does not restrict me in travelling to other destinations more affordable at the same time. This in turn is a push factor for me to work harder and better manage my finance to make these destinations come true. Although to me, it is quite achievable just by looking at it, but for the amount of time I wanted to spend in each of these destinations, the costs will add up to a big number. Moreover, I also plan to expand my business into these destinations, killing two birds with one stone. 

So stay tuned with me. I will definitely update all of you if any of these happen! Now,  it’s your turn to tell me, what is the destination you’ll love to visit before you kick the bucket?


Note: The photos used herein are under the CC0 Public Domain and I have the permission and rights to post these photos for sharing within this blog.

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