Hungry Bunch – Mega Nasi Lemak Burger


The most-loved evergreen comfort dish, ‘Nasi Lemak’ has recently, taken off its traditional veil and migrated to the west. Fusioned with culinary skills from the East and West, our beloved Nasi Lemak has now transformed into the ‘Nasi Lemak Burger’. This famous well-known old-age dish while fashioned in its new look has been hogging mouths (literally) and words of mouths all over social media. Words have been babbled and tastes have been compared all throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

Even the prestigious fast food chain McDonalds has their own version of Nasi Lemak Burger on sale in Singapore.

What’s so unique about this Nasi Lemak Burger then?

Well, lets dig in and find out.


I was here in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago and came across the current limelight of Instagram. The mega-oversized gigantic Nasi Lemak Burger by Hungry Bunch! It ignited a spark of amusement in me immediately and I could not stop LOL. It really captured my attention as I found it very ‘cute’ and the size…a remarkable feat. To me, since my childhood, I always fondly remembered Nasi Lemak with all its coconuty infused rice and anchovy embalmed sambal paste wrapped in banana leaf. But this is my first time seeing it in a Burger form.

My partner and I were extremely delighted to be invited by Hungry Bunch for a mega-fabulous dinner a few days later.


Situated in an immense Egyptian style pyramid shopping mall of Sunway Pyramid, this shopping megalith is a popular touristy shopping and lifestyle spot near Kuala Lumpur that is a familiar locale for locals, Singaporean and most travellers. There are even direct buses to and fro from Singapore and can also be easily accessed from and around Kuala Lumpur.



Housed in a modern hip industrial-inspired setting amid contemporary with neatly bricked walls and beautiful decors, the restaurant emits a cozy-comfortable atmosphere for the hungry. The stress-free casual dining mode and movable tables of Hungry Bunch is highly recommended for a ‘bunch gathering’ (be it friends or family), romantic dates or even small party celebrations.


Peach Fever & Frizzy Ribena RM7.00 Each

To quench our thirst from the hot weather, we were doused with light-bulb drinks; the Peach Fever and Frizzy Ribena. Both drinks are innovatively created and taste incredibly different from the normal cordial mixer drinks. Magically, it was a wonderful thirst quencher with a well balanced level of sweetness. Even after we finished our dinner, the drinks still taste good.

I am never a peach lover. However, this Peach Fever has stolen my heart. Give it a try and thank me later.


Mega Nasi Lemak Burger RM49.00


Mega Nasi Lemak Burger RM49.00

Here’s the Star of Hungry Bunch and its Instagram worthy Burger – the Nasi Lemak Burger. It comes in two sizes; 5 inch and 10 inch, and is served alongside boiled eggs, cucumbers and sambal chilli; all typical condiments that complement the real Nasi Lemak.

This burger made me laugh throughout my dinner. I simply love the way it looks. Well presented, this Nasi Lemak Burger is truly a creative invention by Hungry Bunch. From its ingeniously coconut infused-battered chicken to its anchovy and peanut sambal chilli, all are the house’s recipe.

Sandwiched between the fresh, large thick sesame buns, the main ingredients that made up this awesome burger are; a crazily big crispy boneless chicken thighs encased in fragrant coconut santan shavings and milk batter which is fried to golden perfection, homemade sambal chilli toped with onions, ikan bilis (anchovies) and peanuts, freshly cut cucumbers and lightly mayo dressed cabbages. 

This delectable Nasi Lemak Burger is very well executed and has definitely lived up to its name ‘Nasi Lemak’. With its distinct coconut fragrance, moist fluffy thick bun and the crispy fried chicken, every mouthful sends a thrill of goodness to your palate. It’s home-made sambal chilli, although not spicy, is very authentic and has a flavourful kick…all reminiscent of eating an actual Nasi Lemak but in the form of a mouthful burger.

Do bring along more friends with big mouths if you’re up to the 10 inch challenge!


Fruity Volcano RM23.00

To bring this hearty meal to a close, we were served the happy-multi-coloured dessert; Fruity Volcano. This is a mini pot of fruity shaved ice topped with yogurt linings and fresh fruits consisting of watermelons, kiwis, grapes, honeydew and strawberries.

Absolutely refreshing and savouring. A perfect dessert after a good large meal that adds not only happiness but also sweetness to your soul and respite from all that heavy chewing.


Hungry Bunch is more than a mega-oversized Nasi Lemak Burger. For those craving to binge on the good ol’ Ramly burgers, they have it in the 10 inchers and 5 inchers too! For a spoilt for choice dining experience, they have an extensive menu for you to indulge in from brunch to dessert, and not forgetting their new food launches. 

Besides its value-for-money delicious foods, they have a perfect bunch of impeccable friendly and accommodating staffs who will add smiles to your dining experience. An embodiment of true passion and love for food and hospitality, everything here at Hungry Bunch are served with love professionally with happiness, friendliness, freshness and innovativeness.

We had an amazing time dining here. Thank you Hungry Bunch for the astonishing food!

To everyone who wants to enjoy an affordable yet special sumptuous meal, especially in a big group of hungry people, Hungry Bunch is the place!

Hungry Bunch
Address: F Floor Lot 1.75 Blue Atrium (Next to Asian Avenue)
No. 3 Sunway Pyramid
Jalan PJS11/15, Malaysia 46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia

Contact: +601-7633-2901 | +603-5612-5974

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 22:00 Daily

This post is written in collaboration with Hungry Bunch. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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