How I Started A Life Of Travel


I started this blog about a year ago simply to diary my actual life travel experiences along with all the daily ‘mischiefs and mishaps’ along the way. I never really gave it a thought of what or how this blog would be like in the future, as this is just a place or zone for me and my mind to share, relax and unwind. 

Today, after a momentous and exciting one year, to my surprise, this blog is still very much alive (like me) and is going further and getting better each day. The story or adventures of my life, where this blog has somehow changed, is also becoming more fruitful with new experiences and memories. For me, myself and I, we became more knowledgeable and wiser. As they always say: ‘experience is the best tutor’.


A quick reminiscence of myself cooped up in business suit heading to an Annual General Meeting…Phew!

“How I start a life travel” is an interesting personal blog I’m so keen to share with all of you. This blog has given me the chance to clearly reflect on my whole life’s journey. I guess most of you have been waiting for my answer to this question for quite sometime. Very often, I received messages asking me practical life-decision-making questions like “how I’m willing to trade my well-paid job for a job on the road” or “what motivated me to live a life around the globe” or “how I did I start this or how do I finance my travel?”

To be totally honest with you, I myself can’t find the exact empirical-logic-based answer to that question even till today. I only know that I do love travelling. Whenever I hit the road, I felt so light and carefree. All my worries in life simply melt away. One day the drive kicked me to just have me submit my resignation letter and quit my 9 to 5 cubicle job. And before I knew it, I’m sitting in my seat on the plane to a country I don’t even speak the language! I guess it’s the passion that drove me or just a travel bug that has its fangs deep inside of me.


Reader’s Questions:

Hey Calysta, I’m kind of tired of having to go through the process of applying leave
whenever I want to go for a trip. Sometimes, my company even have restrictions
on when I can take leave. Could you advise some tips on how you get to travel
these often to your dream countries?

– Laura, Australia


Eh Calysta, you so rich ah? Always travelling. Envy you leh.

– Tango, Singapore


Corporate life or even working life is really mundane, routinely regimented and heavily laced with work-socio-economic pressures that riddle your liver with anxiety 24/7. Even though I’m a Director and Head of Department, I still do not feel any self-fulfilment except for the constant anxiety of KPIs, monies and politics. Having travelled to a few countries and with the ultimate vision of moving to Barcelona, all that’s wrapping around my head (even though my eyes are boggy glued to multiple countries’ Companies Acts), is travel and where my feet wanna land next.

So I left my well-paid full-time job as a qualified Corporate Secretary two years back, with thoughts of starting my own business and with a head full of travel itineraries. I took a trip back to Barcelona for a long well deserved refreshing break. Following my return to Singapore, my application for professional licence to start my own practice was approved by the Authority

As I’m severely bitten by the travel bug, I doubt I can ever sit still in an office again. After some deep and long concerted consideration on the business model, I decided to move away from the industry’s traditional operating style and apply an on-the-road model, bringing my business on the road with me wherever I go.


This is how it simply started… I had my company registered and off I go.

Technically, as I’m trained in the ‘arts’ of legal and accounting, bringing my business on the road is an advantage. I started my digital nomad life by offering advice and assisting clients in setting up of businesses, brand establishment, drafting of corporate documents, and even understanding the target country’s regulations and compliances. Soon after, my business grew and expanded. My partner came on board and we restructured our company model further. Now, we are a multi-tiered consulting business with presence and offices from Asia-Pacific to Spain, with multinational teams providing services in the areas of business set up, joint-ventures and consortiums, compliance advisory and cross border taxation, marketing and content management, building material and technology based systems, and, surveillance security systems and management. 

And me, I’m still on the road exploring new countries as well as spending a good amount of time shuttling between my favourite destinations; Barcelona and Bali. Establishing and managing my own business not only gave me the freedom to travel and do what I like, it is also challenging and fun. The freedom of being self-employed tested my abilities and through it all, it expanded and fortified my capabilities more than any desk bound job could offer. Looking back as it is now, it was truly a rewarding journey.

The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it.

– Jennifer Love Hewitt

Travelling for business and travelling for leisure are totally different experiences. When you travel for an employer and for yourself, the main difference is…who do you report to and what happens at the end of the trip? Having to always report to a superior or employer when travelling abroad is like having a leash tied to a pole…and the pole is highly restrictive and unsupportive. I’m not against employers and I’m definitely not belittling people who work. I’m merely sharing my sympathetic relief response to how short life is and how much time we actually have to share for and with ourselves and loved ones. Many find their passion when they are aged for retirement and by the greyness of their hair, they realised their spirit is willing but their body is past due.

You don’t need to be rich to do what you like. All you need is just a little clear-headed planning on what you really want to do and achieve when you get there. 

Just do what you love. Your flow will come and you’ll be the master of it. Forget about money. Life becomes more interesting when you work around every problem on your own or when something new comes along to take all that problem away. It is happier and more memorable to write your life’s chapter filled with what you love to do and did it, and had accomplished more than what you thought you couldn’t and surpassed the things you did than those you didn’t like. Life is short. Live it YOUR way.

You don’t need a lot of money or be earning $50k a month to travel. Travel opens your eyes to new inspirations and brews encouragement inside of you to re-find your new true self…the new you. From there, you can build up your own courage and strength to work something out in your life…something that’s been boggling in your mind all this while. When you travel, you never know who you would bump into or talk to. It could be someone or THE one to help or inspire you to build your passion along the way.

But if you’re earning good income and you’re on the road, then keep up the good job. My advice to you is to look for a good opportunity and have your seeds of passion multiply. Travel opens the doors of development to many opportunities in many ways and places.

I did not come from a rich family nor do I take, borrow or receive from others. My family did not help me financially in my ventures either and why should they? All I did was a little tweak with what I already have, which is my many years of corporate consulting experience, and combined it with my passion. This is what gave me the drive to push it through.

You can create a similar lifestyle too.

Is this lifestyle for the rich? Absolutely not! Your kind of lifestyle is in your hands. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Write it down like I do and you will know.

Here’s my GUIDE to HELP you
START your life of travel!

Travelling continuously around the world may be everyone’s dream. Building an empire that allows you to be financially stable to travel continuously around the world may also be everyone’s dream. But not an easy to achieve dream. It also does not come overnight. You need to sow and plow your fields of seed before the harvest. It is definitely doable but it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Are you really ready for it?

Now, my question to you is not ‘do you want to travel’ because I know the answer I’ll get is a definite ‘yes’.

But my one very important question to you now is; ‘do you want a business that can support your travel’?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s time to sort through your thoughts. Before you actually leave your job, here are some of the things to figure out.


1. Know your heart’s desire and understand the kind of life you are getting into!

Decision is always hard but is the key to a successful start in life. Once a decision is made and switched on, it is irreversible. Be very certain that this is something you love doing and is passionate about, something you’re never tired of but get enthusiastically energetic and something you will not give up in between the journey even if the ‘worst’ happen. You don’t want to end up blaming yourself for making the wrong decision and branding it all as regret. Stay clear headed and be honest to yourself. Remember, you are doing this for yourself and not for others; no matter how closely related they are to you. Make sure that you are not using this as an escape route to some problems in your life.

Be mentally prepared. Know one hurtful fact; you may be drawing a high monthly salary currently and by choosing this journey, you’ll be getting a huge pay cut or even no salary for the first few months. Can you live up to this mental financial challenge?

Leading a nomad life is fun with never ending excitement while having all the freedom and decision making to yourself. However, it can be daunting at times as it involves a lot of elements; perseverance, motivation, accountability, responsibility and finances. You are all on your own, taking each step all by yourself. Start by observing and studying what other people of your interest are doing. Never compare though because their style may not be your style. You are who you are. Know that you are not doing this for other people but for yourself. You want to grow and move to the next level in life to experience it’s goodness and achieve your own personal goals.

When you have sorted out the matters of your heart and your final answer is still ‘yes’ to being an entrepreneur on the road and living as a travelling nomad, then it’s time to do little bit more of research. Check out what other bloggers are up to and study their kind of ‘nomadic life’ as a reference.

Here are a few successful travellers in the blogging world:

After this, you should have a clearer view of what a nomad life is like and what are the gifts and pains you will experience to achieve this kind of lifestyle. You should also be able to picture your own version of travel lifestyle by now. Be yourself! Be you. 


2. Get rid of your ‘NO’ excuses!

Jot down all your fears or burdens, or whatever ‘what if excuses’ that are going round in your head that may have the slightest chance of making you ‘chicken out’ even at the very last minute. Your heart and mind needs to be free from negative personal issues or thoughts in order to function well and focus on your passion.

Timing: “I have NO time for it at the moment. I have so many things on hand.”

There is no perfect timing to pursue your dream or passion. But if not now, then when?

When you have an idea of doing something, do it. Opportunity doesn’t wait for you. There is no such thing as ‘the perfect timing’ and ‘no time’ is an over-abused excuse. To us humans, time is always not enough and no amount of money can buy new time or extra time. Set aside an hour or two a day for this passion of yours and gradually, before you know it, you will be closer towards your goal than you ever thought you could be.

Take my good friend for example. I met him on the road while in Bali and he was in his late 40s then. But guess what? He is still flying here and there around the globe, visiting places even youngsters do not even dare to step foot in to nor fantasize how to even reach there. He carries with him a notebook full of wonderful stories of his life’s journeys and adventures. Inspired from all the travelling and local experiences, he recently launched his own start-up called Massage Open; a massage appointment booking app that works across the globe. He travels more and is busier than before experiencing and bringing the best and hidden massage experiences across the globe onto this app.

Future Career Advancement: “What will happen to my resume when I stop travelling? I will have NO job.”

First thought in everyone’s head usually at the final chapters of one’s journey. Mine too.

But friend, don’t think too far ahead yet. Right now is your chance to advance yourself in every single way in terms of skill sets, personal development and social networking. With your new continuous growing of knowledge and experiences achieved as a self-employed business owner, all these experiences can be added nicely into your resume if you really want to retire yourself back into employment life. In fact, such experiences are real world experiences that no job or employer can ever teach! Who knows that maybe in a year or so, your hard work pays off and you got your own business up, travelling and working for yourself on the road or wherever you wanted to be.

With an entrepreneuring-nomadic mindset and having led a wondrous experiential nomadic life, I doubt you will ever want to be locked back in a freedom restricted office cubicle ever again.

Finances: “NO savings, my bank is getting dry.”

Money is never enough and to humans, banks are always dry!

Money aside… If you really want something whole-heartedly, you will definitely find a way to navigate around the situation. Instead of spending $10 a day on a cafe lunch, you can do it for $5 instead at a coffee shop. Instead of getting a thousand over dollar branded Gucci leather hand bag for whatever reason, settle for a hundred buck Longchamp tote bag, or maybe even stall that plan of buying a new bag if it isn’t desperately important to replace. Instead of taking taxi to work everyday, take a bus or train.  You see what I mean? Skimp a little goes a long way. When you readjust some of your daily lifestyle habits, it stretches your finances a long way. When you saw something you like, always ask yourself: do you really need it? or is it merely something you want? Don’t act on impromptu. Set aside 10% to 30% of your take home cash or income in your passion piggy-bank. Use only in case of emergency.

Travel fits any budget. Like I’ve said earlier, travel is not just for the rich. You can start off with countries that suits your budget and slowly move up when you can afford. You can bunk in a hostel instead of a 4 star luxury hotel. With multi-national budget carriers and main fleet carriers expanding their global reach and markets, you can easily check and compare flight promotions and costs online or via apps to find out which airlines give the cheapest flight to your target destination. Book early and remember, there are many many ways to save money and make travel work out for you regardless of your income levels.

Fear of Being Alone: “NO company, I’m all alone and I’m scared.”

I was afraid and almost freaked out on my first solo flight to Barcelona two years back. After I sorted out my mind at the airport toilet (yes, believe it or not…it was all down to some quiet time to think), I continued to embark on a journey I never regretted.

Travelling solo is never scary. It’s all mind games. As you may have never done it before, you are just not used to the idea of doing things on your own and deciding for yourself. But once you get a taste of it, you will realise that it was really nothing difficult and simply fun all the way. Start with a nearby destination you are familiar with as a weekend trip. Check and plan out a list of activities you’d love to do and look forward toward it. The moment you start your journey, you will not be alone. Travel is a friendly moment for you to meet people around you and where you’re headed. You will get to meet people from different countries with different backgrounds wherever you go. You will never know how surprising life can be when they say life is full of surprises. Some of the people you meet may turn out to be your business partner or even lifetime best pal.

I myself have met some beautiful people from another part of the world whom I am still keeping in touch with today. 

Relationship Commitment: “NO way to leave my boyfriend/girlfriend. We’ve been together for so long.”

When you are still young, you should run the race of your life. Do not give up your dream easily for anyone. Encourage your partner to travel with you. Draw up a goal chart together to show both’s abilities. Overlap each one’s weakness with the other’s strength. Two is always easier than one. As a support to each other, you have two heads to brainstorm in every situation, making your goals easier to achieve and accomplish since both parties are committed together. If your partner does not like the idea, encourage him to watch some motivational videos or read some inspirational blogs to find his their passion. Very truly, you’d never really know something unless you’ve actually tried it and travelling opens one’s mind to a lot of things…

Both of you do not necessarily need to have the same passion to work together. Everything has it’s purpose and place and they’ll eventually all come to fit in the big picture. Take me for example, I am in the business consulting world but my partner specialises in buildings and systems and what sorts. How to make it work? Very simple. I help my clients setup a business and pitch to them the services my group of companies provides as a whole. Whenever the need of one or more of the building or system related services is required, my partner steps in and vice versa. We work as a team. 

Age: “I’m not young anymore. How to travel? There’s NO way I can’t pursue my passion anymore.”

There is no age limit to travel. Travel is a pearl on earth for everybody, regardless of race, nationality, gender and age. All you have to do is just step out and grab it. I have met lots of solo retirees, even grandpa grandma on the road, some travelling together with their children. Mind you, they are more active than I am and yup, they have no difficulties in climbing up the Great Wall of China. But as I said earlier, wouldn’t it be better if they had done it when they were younger?

Enjoy life to its fullest. Don’t wait until you’re all shrivelled up and grey. Travel and Solo Travel is now or never!


3. Scrutinize your skills and strengths!

Planning and bringing your business to life is a painful process. You will have tons of questions in your head. What should you do? How should you do this and that? How much capital is involved? Are there any regulations involved? How much money can I make?

Money aside. Focus on your goal. You are going to be your own boss, writing your own pay check. The key ingredient here is to find out what are your current capabilities, talent, experiences, achievements and skills that you have right now or what you have partake from your current job. Next is to identify the activity, idea, object, person or location that you have an idea with and what additional skills or talents you might need to accumulate or newly gain along the way to live this passion. Cross reference these with what you have now and learn to tweak what you have to become what you would need for your passion to work. Passion is something you live for, or love for, or whatever you call it that makes you excited, happy, enthusiastic and energetic about without even thinking of the cost, the effort and time needed to achieve it.

It is always easier to start with something you already have or are already equipped. For brand new skills, it may take a while as you need knowledge and even training in the know-how of that specific skills. Start somewhere and upgrade yourself along the way. You will have all the time to do whatever you want the moment you got full freedom. All the time that you would have spent stuck working for your boss behind a cubicle can now be put to good use to do what you want and need to achieve your life goal.

The same goes to me. I am well-versed in Company Law and Accounting Regulations, even holding a professional licence. Talents and skills such as these can be used anywhere you are and thus I carry all these experiences and knowledge with me around the globe. By merging them with my passion for travel, it becomes a perfect twin. I have advised and assisted many people and businesses whom I met on the road while travelling. Yes, these valuable experiences are gained during my 9-5 cubicle life…but now it can only be practiced to good and passionate effect outside of the cubicle. 

It’s really not that difficult to start. From there on after, I moved towards my passion; social media marketing and branding, by merging my passion with my current business. Here’s where hiccups started flooding in. In order to keep up with clients’ requests of this and that, I did a lot of self studying online, did a lot of hands on work and even seek help from friends. Through series after series of trials and errors, failures and frustration, I began to grow and see new perspectives in what I do and should do methodologically. Things eventually smoothen out and my skills improved day by day.

It’s ok that a business owner does not know everything. Nobody does. What a business owner needs is an attitude: an attitude of ‘HUNGER’ to find out thing which they do not know. 

Coding is one of the biggest things I hate in the past. From someone who doesn’t know anything about coding, I can now code and it turns out to be one of my favourite things in my life’s journey. Persevere and press on. If you have a passion, you will move towards your goal with more focus. With information readily available just a click away, you can learn whatever you want comfortably on your bed from your screen. Never stop learning and self improving and keep your learning curve exponential.

Remember your attitude determines your altitude!


4. Inspiration and support are the greatest push factor!

It is your final call whether to announce your entrepreneurial plan to your close ones and friends. But I sincerely warn you, in this case, sometimes your best friend may even try to talk you out of it negatively.

One of the most dissuading situation you may encounter is none other than in your current workplace. Upon submitting your resignation letter, your bosses and colleagues will talk to you about your future endeavour. They will persuade you that your current job is stable, salary is good or company may even offer you a promotion and pay raise to continue your career. With the word promotion and pay raise, your mind will start wavering, allowing doubts to say hello.

My opinion is: Don’t care about what other people think about you. They are not you. They do not know what you want and your plan in life. Live your life for yourself. You are doing this for yourself, not others. Whatever decision you make, always be true to yourself.

I’ve faced this exact situation myself and understand the feeling of being stuck in between the decision making. Upon my resignation, I was counter-offered a promotion and equity-sharing opportunity. Very impressive and tempting. My inner me then was struggling to make a realistic decision as part of me wanted to start something of my own and to travel and the other part got so tempted with the offer. After final, serious consideration, I bit my lower lip and moved forward with the resignation. I have never regretted that decision ever!

Secondly is family. This is totally different from the above. Especially in Asia, even in my hometown, the idea of entrepreneurship is still not so acceptable by many parents (not to mention the well off families). They still carry the mindset of working under employment is a stable job. Especially after graduating from the university, they would love to have you seated in a prestigious firm as a well positioned executive with a stable pay check. Knowing you’re on for a venture, all the more travelling, they may begin to start worrying and try to inculcate you on their negative opinions and concerns. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as it is every parent’s way of showing love and care. And so if it ever happens to you, do talk to them patiently and respectfully, assuring them with your plan and that you know what you’re getting into.

So where do you get your inspiration and support from then? Head out and start meeting people. It’s time you expand your circle of people and influence!

People are an important source of business as they are always the first contact to spread the word out. 

At this crucial stage, the most important vitamins you need to take is motivation, commitment and inspiration to push you forward. Always be surrounded by like-minded people who can encourage and inspired you. Talk to people who are more senior and experienced than you and gain insights from them. These are people with precious knowledge of how the business world is like and can help strengthen your ideas. They may even refer you to potential contacts who can help you along the way.

There are a lot of business communities and traveller’s networks for entrepreneurs and start-ups out there. These networks allows you to meet similar intuitive people who can provide you with an in-depth advice and inspiration based on their experience and passion. Facebook and Twitter is a good place to locate these information. It can either be online group or a physical meet-up group. Couch-surfing is also a very popular way for you to travel and meet like-minded people on the go.

When meeting people for the first time, it is vital that you communicate etiquettely and confidently. You’ll never know when you’ll get a second pair of hands.

Have your business flow with the right people with the right connection!

Inspirational and motivational books and videos are another great way to trigger insights and ideas. Many influential resources are available on and off line with guides to lead you through your entrepreneurial journey. However, turning your dream into reality does not happen with a blink of an eye. You need to walk through lots of cobbles and stones. Reading and getting to know people through their documented lives and learning what they have gone through will have you better prepared and informed of your personal journey. These resources are mental weapons to mould your mental ideas into material concepts thoughts. But always remember, people are people and you are you. What happened to people does not necessarily happen to you! Just be you.


5. Start researching and planning your trip!

How long can your funds last? Remember, you may be living without salary for a while. I would strongly suggest you don’t throw your resignation letter at this stage yet unless you have a good sum of savings (in your dream-piggy-bank) that can last you about a year (to play safe) after deducting the estimated expenses for a year. Otherwise, be patient and resign only when your funds are in place.

For me, I do have some savings that allows me to resign ‘just like that’ from my job. I also have a few portfolio of clients who are my friends and have supported me since I started out. 

Plan your resignation well and back it up with enough “extra” funds.

Understanding your target destination allows you to be fully informed of everything from regulations to social security to culture. All of these are crucial factors to work out before you set your foot in.

Destination: Be virtually free. Let your eyes and mind get wander-fully inspired by your internet tour. List down all the countries you would love to be in. Find out its cost of living and housing expenses. 

Visa Requirement: To ensure a smooth arrival, check through the destination immigration website on visa requirements and costs before hand. Some visas must be applied from your home country while some can be obtained upon arrival. In most countries, the immigration also requires you to produce an outbound ticket upon arrival. This can be in the form of either electronic or hard copy.

Flight Cost: Check out the best flight deals online. Work through the dates as for certain dates or months, you can get awesome deals that help you save some more dollars. My favourite site is SkyscannerFor multiple journeys, look out for other means of transportation like trains or buses. Land transports are way more affordable than air.

Accommodation: Accommodation costs varies from hotel and hostels to rental apartments and shared rooms. For initial start, keep your costs to the minimum. I would recommended hostels as this is a fantastic environment where you get to mingle with like-minded people. Another option will be shared room. Check out Airbnb. They have a great deal of affordable choices for all budgets.

Your Business: What is your business plan? Do you need a special licence for your field of expertise? Where will your company be registered? Even if you start an online business, you may still be required to register your business. It can be in your home country or your target destination. If you prefer to have your business registered in your target destination, do find out all the costs and charges, registration requirements and legal procedures involved, corporate tax rates and bank account set up procedures. 

Finances: Find out the exchange rates, bank charges and oversea transaction rates. Do an estimated on how much cash on hand you would need. Check out if ATMs can be easily accessed and if credit cards are widely accepted. Most importantly, set aside a portion of cash in your bank in the event of emergencies.

Things You Need: For working remotely, you may need some offline softwares, anti-theft protection, cloud storage and hard disk. For personal belongings. I don’t think there’s much you’ll need. You’ll be chucking away your business suits and heels in your closet and taking only your favourite stuffs with you. Travel light as you’ll be on the road most of the time.

With all the above information gathered, draw out your funds. Plan out the duration you want to stay in that destination. It can be six months or a year. As for your next destination, you can plan it along the way according to the funds you have then. For me, I always plan my trip one by one. Wherever I feel like going next, I’ll go. I don’t like to be restricted to pre-planning.

Of course if you were to head over to some part of Asia like Thailand, Vietnam and even Bali, your funds can last you way longer compared to countries like Singapore, Australia or Europe where the costs of living are high. With lower cost of living, it is easier for you to save up more money for your next plan.


6. Time for execution!

You should have a transparent picture of your trips and the amount of money you need for taking this great move now. So, it’s time to accumulate the funds and action towards your dream.

Start a saving routine to fill up your ‘travel’ account or piggy-bank with the money you need.

Self-discipline: Time to control your spending. Every dollar you save a day, you are a step closer to your dream. Set a portion of your monthly salary into your ‘travel’ account. If you cannot resist temptation of spending and splurging and or simply cannot control your spending habits, set up a bank account with no ATM withdrawal card and debit card and have the saving portion of your money GIRO directly there. Without an ATM or Debit card, it should inconvenience you to spend but on the bright side, your saving goals are achievable much faster. 

Change your spending habit: Avoid having big notes and a lot of cash in your wallet. Keep all credit cards at home. Monitor your spending habit. To achieve something, you have to sacrifice something. You don’t need expensive lunches everyday or have your manicure done once a week. You can still go shopping but you don’t need to buy things or spend on buying things especially expensive goods that you may already have. By limiting and cutting down on the expenses of unnecessary things in your daily life, you’ll be surprised at how much you can really save and how quickly too.

Clear your wardrobe: Tidy up your wardrobe, your room and set aside the things you don’t need. It can be anything from clothes to bags and accessories to stationeries and gadgets. Sell them off online. The little cash you get from these sales can add up quite a bit to your travel funds. If you’re renting an apartment and plan to let go, don’t waste money on getting a storage space first. Check with your parents and close ones if it’s possible for you to store your stuffs with them temporarily or if they have any use for them.

Start working remotely: You are still with your current job but you can ‘quicken the speed of reaction’ at the same time. Start building your profile and look into freelancing. Take on small jobs spontaneously as and when your time allows. Not only will it help you gain experience, it also helps to get your name out. So make sure you do a super good job. Always ask your client to leave you a review or positive comments on your profile to power up your reputation. But make sure you check with your current employment contract that your job and resources used do not conflict or constitute any breach.


7. Submit your resignation letter and step into your new life!

The time is here. Everything is in place. Funds is enough with a spare cash aside. Now, you can go to your boss happily (please don’t write the happiness on your face) and politely hand him or her your resignation letter.

Ouch! Don’t forget to fulfill your notice period. You can start booking all your flights and accommodation to get everything in order.

You’ve finally unlock the door to your new life: “No more cubicle life. No more office desk. Best of all, no need to wake up early to reach office at 9 a.m. You will be on the road, travelling to your dream destination, doing your stuff and being your own digital boss.”

If this is your first solo travel, read my blog on The Ultimate Tips For Your First-Ever Solo Trip to fuel up your confidence for your and probably ‘the best’ first ever solo experience.

Generally, there is no hard and fast rule to apply for solo travel. Just a few simple tips:

  1. Relax and be yourself. Never allow your mind to play games with you.
  2. Be confident and street smart. Don’t be afraid. Trust me. You’ll be fine. The world is safer than you think.
  3. Make friends and join in their fun. Integrate into the society and strike up a conversation with the locals and fellow travellers.

While busy settling into your new life, don’t forget to start a travel blog and start documenting your life stories. Blogging is an awesome way to get to connect with like-minded people. It can also help boost your nomad career. It is a place for people to understand you. Update your social media regularly too. Not only for your followers, but to leave your bread crumbs for your friends and family to know you’re are safe.

The Ultimate Lijiang Travel Guide

Everybody can write their ‘your-life’ chapters, including you. Living a life of travel is a ‘can do’. There is no such thing as cannot. You only live once. So live with no regret. Make the best out of your life!

It’s amazing. Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it.

-Lindsey Vonn

This is how I started a travel life and how I finance my travel. I did not regret a single bit since. How about you? Are you looking into re-writing your life chapter too? Or do you need help in your entrepreneurial journey? Feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. This is truly inspiring. I’d like to follow your footsteps soon. Like you, I’ve been traveling long before I started blogging. I started my blog because among my friends and co-workers I was always first to go to unfamiliar places and they ask me for itineraries. But because of my job it’s hard to travel as much as I want. I wanted so much to quit my job and travel the world, but it’s hard to leave a well-paying job and comfortable life. Still there’s something missing and I’m pretty sure I’ll find the answers all around the world. I will find a way to travel the world soon. Thank you for the inspiration!


    • My dear, anything is possible! If you already have the skills and knowledge after working so hard and so long, why not be an entrepreneur or freelancer in your profession? 🙂 If your company needs you, you can always maintain a contractual working relationship that still pays you wherever you are. Otherwise, I’m sure you have a passion for something that you can dedicate and channel all your experiences and skills to develop on the road. To me, travelling keeps my brain on the go as well and helps me see the realities of the real world out there. It’s truly an amazing experience that one can never fully stop writing or telling their friends and family about. Even for a single destination, there are million and one ways to re-discover things regardless of how ofter you travel there! Save up in your “travel piggy bank” and when it’s brim full, you’re good to go! Always remember: “If life is a journey, then the destinations are the chapters”. Cheerios and all the best!

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      • So true! This is a priceless advice, and timely as well. I just got a message from a friend who asked for advice on something I’m good at. I realized I can turn it into a career. I get to do something I’m really passionate about and I can help people at the same time. But above all, I can own my time. It will take a lot of work but if I succeed I will definitely remember you. Keep up the good work and more power!


  2. Very happy to know your blog Calysta…..you have a fabulous travel blog……and there so many posts and so much experiences to explore in your blog, will take some real good time to go through it and follow for sure……your blog is as beautiful as you are….:)……and thank you very much for stopping by my blog and following it…..I have a very simple new and small blog, very personal, and there are very few places I have travelled in India and outside……..and I love sharing lots of music too….:)……hope to connect with you more.


    • Thanks for your kind words Anindya. Like you, I did just start my blog with very little. But gradually as I began to put in more personal time in typing out my experiences, more and more interesting ideas came into my mind and I try my very best to type faster in order to share these thoughts with my followers out there. Try to take more pictures when you travel as these pictures will paint a good idea or a topic for you to write on and share. And as you write and share you begin to develop a certain theme of your personal liking and you can stick to that theme. Keep up the good work and put your passion to work! Cheers!

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