Best Food In Macau


With just an hour ferry ride away from the foodie haven of cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Macau is often just a 24 hours in-and-out destination for many via Hong Kong.

With its infamous neon-lit night sky represented by its bustling and extravagant major casinos parading throughout the island’s central, Macau, the little Portugal of Asia has much to offer. Influenced by the early Portuguese colonists,  the food scene in Macau is one to be hunted, chased down and tasted. From local cuisine to typical Portuguese gourmet and all the way to fusion innovation, just a day of foodie adventure will have your belly belching for help. Almost every food stall or stand and coffee shop lining the streets have something appealing…just the way casinos draw their punters.

If you have the time to spare, I would highly suggest you stay for a night to fully take in all the fun in the city. Step out of the touristy zones and into the local neighbourhood. There you’ll find all the good stuffs.

More than just cards, roulettes, luck and dices, Macau is actually filled with lots of activities that can keep you entertained for more than just a day.


For my one day food trip to Macau, I’ve checked and hunted out some of the ‘can’t miss’ food and, remarkably, managed to binge all its pleasurable tastes and blissful fulfilment all squeezed into my tiny stomach till it almost exploded at the end of my food trip. Nevertheless, it was totally worth the damage.

Here’s my best food in Macau. Let’s tuck in! 


Hard Rock Cafe

Located in Hard Rock Hotel, the Hard Rock Cafe is a cozy relaxing spot in the day and trendy up to beat corner in the evening for an enjoyable meal. 

Quality top with colours of creativity, the restaurant houses an impressive American style menus and award winning drinks that is sure to have you lost for choice. With a bunch of impeccable crew, this is one of the best place to revive your energy and youth.

Rock in style with a glass or two of their fanciful drinks after a good meal and roll your night away with the Hard Rock beats and live bands.


Wong Chi Kee

A famous eatery that originated from Hong Kong, this congee and noodles house is situated in the heart of the tourist belt and is easy to locate. Well loved by both local folks and tourists, this eatery is always crowded.

Besides gulping down a delicious bowl of dumpling noodles, do get your hands greasy with their crispy finger licking sandwich; Pork Chop Bun. This Macanese version of hamburger is a popular snack in Macau and is definitely a ‘must-eat’.

Having tried several other Pork Chop Buns, Wong Chi Kee’s Pork Chop Bun is still the best.


Tai Kam

Charming Thai restaurant set in homely ambience along a quiet street, Tai Kam serves authentic Thai cuisine ranging from noodles and rice to fresh seafood dishes, all with an attractive price tag. A definite stop for those fire-eating fire-breathing people who hasn’t had anything spicy since Hong Kong (Hong Kong cuisine rarely has any spicy foods). 

With the word ‘Thai’ hitting the taste bud, the sensation of sweet, sour, and spicy immediately fills your palate. A dinner with a red Tom Yum prawn soup, alongside Phad Thai and ice-cold lemongrass tea is a perfect satisfaction to your soul. 

For the hungry me, I’ve added a whole fish to my meal too.


Dumplings Town

Excellent dumplings.

The location is kind of weird and difficult to find even with google map. It is hidden in an alley away from the main street. It took me quite awhile to find it after circling for a few rounds in the area. But once you’ve finally sank your teeth in this, you’ll find all the effort totally worth it.

A small, always busy dumpling restaurant serving all kinds of traditional Chinese dumplings from boiled to steam to pan-fried and stir-fried. Good quality and quantity at a super pocket friendly price, the variety of delectable dumplings are great for an afternoon snack break or second lunch from all the touristy window shopping and visiting.


Hong Shu Lin

A hidden gem not listed anywhere on Google map or even on any touristy map. 

Situated at the street corner of Calcada do Gaio meeting with Estr. da Vitoria with a 7-11 store by the side, directly opposite Hotel Royal is this humble local cafe. It’s menu is pretty simple, serving porridge and noodles with a small selection of freshly made Dim Sum items. 

Although the dishes look nothing to impress compared to the others, but the taste of the food are something to clap your hand for. Not only is it because of its top notch freshness, but the taste of the food is also outright delicious and nothing you thought existed outside of Hong Kong. 

I love the porridge to max. Flavourful and smooth with no imperfection.


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