DimDimSum And The Three Little Piglets

The concept of Dim Sum originated from China with history dating thousands of years back to its old dynasty days. Dim Sum, which literally means ‘touch the heart’, usually consist of a variety of dumplings and buns made with various ingredients and different types of finger mouth-sized snacks. The food are either steamed or fried and are served in small steamer bamboo baskets or on small plates. Main courses like porridge and steamed rice meals are also served alongside.

Over the generations, new Dim Sum dishes and varieties have evolved into the menus with some invigorating modern twists and western fusions. But alas, Dim Sum has eventually transformed into all-day and all-time meals for every generation; especially in Hong Kong where near every corner of every road has an eatery or ‘Char Chan Teng’ (i.e coffee shop) including even the fresh markets.

In Hong Kong, eating has not only become a chore, but has locally evolved into a small social like gathering culture called ‘Yum Cha’. According to the generations of Cantonese culture here, the term ‘Yum Cha’ aka ‘drink tea’ (literally translated) is the traditional way of having Dim Sum paired with some freshly brewed hot Chinese tea with your ‘Yum Cha’ mate. Yum Cha is quite simply a moment of enjoyment and chit-chat, bringing about togetherness while munching over a nice hot meals with a hot cup of tea.

But quite honestly, I think Yum Cha is more like a local excuse for another bite of something. With so much food around Hong Kong, Yum Cha can be anything like “what to eat next?”. LoL

This concept of small bite-sized delicacies are not only famous among the Asians, but are also well-loved by many westerners today. Dim Sum has over 100s of different steamed and fried delicacies to keep even the local patrons coming again to try something different.

Further, the Dim Sum today has moved far from its simple traditional cuisine and has evolved into a modern, innovative culinary art feature. Some of these dishes have evolved so much that most Dim Sum restaurants feature their own proud artisan inspired dishes.


When it comes to Dim Sum in Hong Kong, not only will you be spoiled for choice, but be amazed at their irresistible creation too. And not only that, there are many many other Hong Kong Dim Sum parlours sprouting all across the island. It’s hard to get bored of it ever! Even if one has had been spoiled by the many choices before, or tasted from other countries, the ones in Hong Kong will definitely surprise you. After all, as I would always say..

“No trip to Hong Kong is made perfect and complete without having a feast of Dim Sum”

DimDimSum And The Three Little Piglets

And to fulfill my trip to Hong Kong, I’ve done just that! I’ve come across this notable Dim Sum specialty store called ‘DimDimSum’ located just a few minutes walk away from my hotel, Mini Hotel Causeway BayAlthough it was just a small humble store, it has several chains across Hong Kong island and has gained several awards and reputable accolades.

DimDimSum was awarded the “Best Dim Sum” in 2011 TimeOut Food and Drink Award and made a name in 2012 Newsweek Foodie Awards as one of the “101 Best Places to Eat in the World”. Quite easily so especially with the number of “Gwai Lo” (i.e. Cantonese version for ‘Lao Wai’) or caucasian tourists found eating there also.

DimDimSum And The Three Little Piglets

Enter the Three Little Piglets like you’ve never heard before. 

DimDimSum is super-famous for their simply astonishing and Instagram worthy Piglet Buns… which I affectionately called the Three Little Piglets.

These piglet buns are actually custard filled buns and comes in a basket of three. The fluffily soft bun with oozing yummy salted egg yolk lava is a real temptation for before, or even after, the main course. What’s more, one basket is definitely not enough! 

This was one of my favourite and best dishes among the rest of my order. 

Be sure to huff and puff them before you eat them, as their yummy egg runny custard yolk inside is really hot!

All their Dim Sum were freshly served and filled with generous portions of ingredients. The dishes I’ve ordered were flavourful which confirms most beliefs that the best Dim Sums are those from Hong Kong.

DimDimSum And The Three Little Piglets

DimDimSum And The Three Little Piglets

DimDimSum And The Three Little Piglets

The Dim Sum are reasonably priced and of good portion. I personally feel that they should improve on their service standard though. It surely did ruin my appetite for more at that store.

Generally, service standards aside, it is a good quality Dim Sum store but I’m not giving any verdict yet. I strongly believe there are a lot more Dim Sum places to be explored as Hong Kong is truly a Dim Sum and Yum Cha haven.

DimDimSum (Wan Chai)
Address: 7 Tin Lok Lane Bowrington Wan Chai Hong Kong
Contact: +852-2891-7677
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 00:00 Daily

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