Day Trip To Dalí Theatre-Museum In The Figueres


A quaint little town filled with rich historic atmosphere and indelible elements, Figueres is the birthplace of one of Spain’s most popular figurehead, a surreal artist named Salvador Dali.

Situated at the tip of Catalonia Spanish-French border in the province of Girona, Figueres, having a mix of old and new and the ‘new-old’, is an interesting place for a day trip from Barcelona. Its is also located in close proximity to the beautiful towns of Cadaques and Besalú.

Due to the popularity of Dali’s immense collection of art works, a museum, the Dali’s Theatre-Museum was dedicated to house most of Dali’s works. Over the years, the museum has attracted thousands of worldwide art fanatics swooping in and out of Figueres to figure out this Figueres figurehead.

Figueres, which means ‘Fig tree’ in Catalonian has no visible fig trees per say but its heritage for art and culture of tranquility makes it one of the ‘must visit’ itinerary destinations while in Spain.


What to Expect

Dali’s museum is one of the most popular museums in Europe today. Book your tickets online in advance to beat the queue. The queue is a killer if you were to purchase your ticket on the spot. Plus, you won’t want to stand under the hot sun during summer…

Besides Dali’s intellectual achievements, the town has much to offer. There are several other remarkable historic spots worthy to explore like the Church of Sant Pere, the Toy Museum of Catalonia and the infamous Sant Ferran Castle.

The shopping and gastronomic scene are also not to be missed. After a mind blowing mystical artsy tour, don’t forget to relax and indulge.

As the town is small, one can easily commute around on foot. Should you need a copy of the town map, you can always drop by the Tourist office and grab a free copy of it.


Getting There

Figueres is just an hour or so train ride away from Barcelona. It’s really straight forward. You can plan it and get there all by yourself.

With train services operated daily and accessibly from Barcelona Sant, Estació de Franca and Passeig de Gràcia, you can hop on a train easily from any one of these stations and alight at Figueres. 

For a total comfort and hassle free tour, you can look for an organised guided tour. From your Barcelona hotel pick-up to all-round Figueres transportation and Dali’s museum entrance tickets; all the itty-gritty in between are taken care of with a tour. All you need to do is just book, bring yourself and your camera!


Dali’s Theatre-Museum

The shining star of Figueres.

Dali’s surrealism and ingenious creation with perspective and perception was way ahead of its time during the creation of his masterpieces which you see in the museum today. Every piece of work and its details, including the museum’s design were the amazing yet bizzare works of Dali himself.

Day Trip To The Home Of Salvador Dali And The Figueres


The museum, with a courtyard full of golden terra-cotta, were converted from a former municipal theatre where it now houses the vast multitude of Dali’s art works. It is also where Dali’s was buried.

Besides Dali’s own creative pieces, a few selection of the finest works collected by Dali himself of his favourite artists ranging from El Greco and Bougereau to Marcel Duchamp and John de Andrea were also exhibited in the museum.


This piece of Dali’s work which I like most.

Can you see the naked woman with shoulder length hair standing in the middle of what look like a shadow of a face surrounding her? 

That is Gala, Dali’s wife. But if this picture were to be viewed from another angle, you will see the face of Abraham Lincoln. My picture here was taken from a straight view. Thus I got Gala in Abraham Lincoln’s face.

This is just a gist of how mysterious Dali’s art was and is!


Torre Galatea

The iconic yet astoundingly red building with lots of bread on its facade and huge eggs on its roof top sure makes you hungry with intrigue.

Named after Dali’s wife, Gala, this museum is also part of Dali’s theatre-museum. It is classy and buoyant. It is an extravagant gallery that houses a diverse collection of jewellery, all designed by Dali. 



A haven for ladies, you get to admire the many aesthetically pleasing jewellery that is so intricate and mysteriously beautiful you thought never existed. 

Although you cannot bring your favourite piece home, you can of course snap a piece of it for your Instagram feed.


Fun Tips Around The Corner

◊ Explore

Sant Ferran Castle – A military fortress back in the 18th century.  This is the largest monument of Catalonia and is still a hidden gem that is slowly unfolding its beauty.

Monastery Sant Pere de Rodes Head off the beaten track. Just an hours drive away from Dali’s Museum, this medieval monastery offers spectacular view over the bay of Llanca. Great place to spend an afternoon for a few postcard worthy pics.

◊ Food

Lizarran – This is the place for local delights. Lizarran offers a good selection of delicious tapas and not forgetting ice cold beers at a pocket friendly price.

Restaurant Transit – Dine with the local folks, indulging in fine food on a affordable budget at a fine restaurant. They are well known for serving succulent meat dishes. 

◊ Shopping

Located the Rambla are many established brands and locally owned shops. Take a slow stroll along the street to take in the beauty of the area and browse through the fashion and trinklets it has to offer. Who knows, you may spot some of Dali’s inspired design on sale for you to take home with you!


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