Chee Kei Wanton Noodles (Causeway Bay)


Chee Kei is one of Hong Kong’s premium eatery known for their delicious Wanton Noodles, a comfort food well-loved by Hong Kongers as well as people from across the globe.

This dish, originated from Guangzhou, had been recreated into many versions by different cultures, each with distinct individual sensation of flavours as well as slightly different ingredients.

Back in my hometown Singapore, people usually have their wanton noodles in the dry version mixed with chilli, dark soya sauce and sometimes tomato sauce (ketchup). Our wanton noodles are sweeter in taste. It consists of springy noodles, fried crunchy wanton (which is much smaller compared to Hong Kong’s), char siew and leafy green vegetables. A small bowl of soup is served by the side.

Here in Hong Kong, wanton noodles are served with big wantons and are usually soupy though they have dry version too. The uniqueness of Hong Kong wanton is none other than the main ingredient used: Fresh Prawn. The flavoursome taste of the Hong Kong Wanton comes from the combination of fresh chunky prawns and minced pork.



We were here on late Monday afternoon. There was a long queue outside the eatery. This is very common as this eatery is well-known amongst the locals and was also highly recommended on food blogs.

But fret not, good food comes to those who wait. The queue and table turnover was fast. They do have an English version of their menu.


Besides the all famous Wanton Noodles, they also served many kind of delicious side dishes.

Here’s our order. 


Signature Wanton Noodles – Dry (Soup Served by Side)


Dumplings Soup

These may look like simple dishes but it may not be as simple as you think.

For a perfect plate or bowl of wanton noodles to be right, there are three elements involved:

  1. Rich Broth
  2. Springy Egg Noodles
  3. Wanton Filled with Perfectly Marinated Prawn and Minced Pork

I am really surprise at the size of their wantons and dumplings. It is very rarely that you can get wantons and dumplings at this big size. 

The egg noodles had an alkaline taste. It was extremely springy and al dante in texture. The wantons and dumplings were wrapped with silky smooth, translucent flour wrapper and the ingredients were generous and well seasoned.

The soup broth, brimming with seafood flavour was robust and tasty.

I personally conclude that this is a superb local dish and an excellent benchmark for quality wanton noodles. 


Sweet Tou Fu Dessert ( Tau Fu Fah)

Last but not least, a hearty dessert to end this meal. Pleasingly sweet and silky smooth in texture, this Tau Fu Fah brought me back to my childhood days.

This is a perfect eatery for perfectly traditional food. It is conveniently located near Times Squares, within walking from Causeway Bay MTR.

Chee Kei (Causeway Bay)
Address: 84 Percival Street Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Contact: +852-2890-8616 
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 23:30 Daily

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