Taipei Day One: Ximending

Well, had a good start to my Taipei Birthday Trip.

Checked in to my very fascinating Airbnb room which i will talk more in details separately.

I didn’t get do much today as it was already late noon when i reached my room.

So, i went for a late lunch at this Taiwanese noodles house. 


Wanted to try the Chicken Drum Stick Noodles initially but was not available. So i ordered a Seafood Noodles, together with a plate of Toufu.


Seafood Noodles NT$110


Tofu NT$30

My first impression of the noodles was like “Hmmmm”. Because the soup looked plain.

However, it surprised me. Really really surprised me!

The soup was so flavoursome, so full of seafood sweetness. To get to this awesome standard in flavour, the seafood had to be of extremely tip top freshness.

No doubt of its quality.

The seafood consists of prawns, clams, abalone slices and slice fish, together with slice pork.

The noodles, having absorbed all the goodness of the soup, was super tasty, especially with its smooth and chewy texture. It makes you want to have more.

This tofu was something i had never tried before. All i could say was, it tasted special and delicious.


After a good lunch, i head down to Ximending and spent the rest of the evening there. As it was Saturday, the streets were crowded.

Ximending is a haven for teenages and young adults. It is very popular among the local and the tourists. You can find many trendy fashion and accessories boutiques, well-known skincare stores, departmental stores and hair salons etc.





There are also many street food stalls selling local Taiwanese snacks and drinks.





This was something that got my attention. If i were to translate it word for word, it says ‘Mountain Pig Pork Sausage’. 


Only half a bite and i can conclude…. What a savoury sausage! Super delicious and juicy. If only i could find one in my hometown. I guess i will crave for it when i get home.

Now dinner time.

I had something light. Just a soup at a simple Dumpling shop.



Look at these extremely translucent dumplings. A generous amount of pork wrapped in the thinest and smoothest dumpling skin. Yum yum….

So this is my day today. I do bought some skincare products which i will be sharing in a separate blog soon. 

FullSizeRender (3)

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