Pompompuri Cafe

Huh? Pompompuri? What the hell is that??

Yes. That was my first reaction when my friends asked me if i knew who is Pompompuri. According to them, a Pompompuri cafe was recently set up in Singapore. It is a character themed cafe.

So, Pompompuri is a character. Mmmm!

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Introduced by Sanrio in 1996, he is today’s most popular character in Japan.

A Golden Retriever! Pompompuri, also know as Purin, is a dog who loves showing off his cool brown beret, wherever he is.

He has many friends and his best friends are Muffin (the hamster), Scone (the mouse) and a bird. His hobbies are sleeping as well as collecting scandals and leather shoes. His favourite food is milk and Crème Caramel Pudding, made by his mother.

He made his first appearance here in Southeast Asia by nestling in our garden city in the cosy Orchard Central.

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The moment you step into the cafe, you will immediately be greeted by the adorable Purin and his friends sitting on a tree in the middle of the cafe, welcoming you. Arghh… Cuteness Overload.

There is also the 4-seater booths called “Tomodachi House”, featuring Purin’s friends Bagel (the Squirrel), Coconut (the Monkey,) Mint (the Frog) and Macaroon (the Golden Retriever).

Now, time to try Purin’s food.

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The Grand Menu

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Spaghetti Napolitana $26.99

The classic tomato based pasta tossed with ham and mushroom is served alongside with fresh salad, tamago and baguette. Salsa dip for the baguette is served in a little cute Purin mug which you can take home!

It’s a pleasant surprise! The taste of the pasta is light and yet tasty, bringing back childhood memories.

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Mango Jelly Juice $11.99

For Mango lover, this is a must. I must say this glass of Mango Jelly Juice is perfect in ending your meal, filling you with sweetness.

Overall Experience

In my opinion, the price is a little pricey but the food are wonderful. The ambience is fantastic with adorable Purin at every nook of the cafe. Purin’s fan will definitely have fun and enjoy every moment of it. 

I will surely return soon, and this time, with all my girly friends to enjoy the Purin time and hearty meal.

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Pompompuri Cafe
Address: 181 Orchard Road #04-08 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Contact: 6509-8672
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 Monday to Sunday

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