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Athens has truly gone beyond my expectations and stoked my adventurous flames in so many ways, even at every corner and street I end up in. Travelling in Athens to me is equivalent to travelling back in time way back beyond the first century.

Housing tons of magnificent ancient monuments, brilliant architecture and remaining structures dating back to the early Neolithic age, this jewel capital of Greece is a fantastically beautiful and historically rich educational destination filled with tales, myths, legends and mysteries from its past. 

Where the ancient spirit never dies, Athens today is still subjugated by the “Golden Age of Pericles” of the 5th century BC. Wherever you walk, you are sure to see primitive ruins or edifices that are of importance and significance to the town, culture and lifestyle of the people here. The streets of Athens are also filled with its own distinct ambience surrounded by its magical panoramic mountainous skyline, yet with the spectacular view of the Acropolis taking centre stage.

Thinking of escaping the historic dimensions of the city? A romantic island retreat?
A sail in the Mediterranean sea? Athens has it all.

Having spent several weeks in Athens, I got to experience the city in and out. I had my first ever cruise experience checked-off my travel bucket list sailing with Evermore Cruises visiting the different islands outside of Athens and witnessed the beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas surrounding the Greece’s magnificent archipelago islands.

One of my favourite islands was Hydra, a little romantic island just two hour’s cruise away from Athens. As no vehicles are allowed in Hydra, the island is very clean and tranquil with lots of little walking alleyways twisting around the corners. Donkeys are the main means of transportation and the local’s best friend. It is a haven for couples and even solo travellers to wish to enjoy some peace away from overladen touristy itineraries and to just stay marooned on a stunning mysterious laid-back island. 

Although Athens is known among travellers for its unique and long history and diverse cultures, they are also famous for their own local gastronomy, culinary cuisines and unique wines that have actually grown through its history. With centuries of myths, legends and history, this is the home of the Wonders of the Ancient World. Whatever your travel style is, you should not miss out on this awesome destination.

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    • Thank you. Athens is truly an amazing place that writes beautiful stories and memories. You definitely have to visit. I would recommend going there during winter as it is the low season. The city is less crowded and you get all the space you need for a perfect photo shot.

  1. Great pictures and post as always Calysta… are lucky to get the opportunity of travelling to so many different places with such varied sights and sounds….:)

    • Thanks Anindya. Hope can catch you on one of my trip soon! Anyway, I will be visiting India this year. Will update you when I confirm my dates and hopefully, you can be my tour guide. 🙂

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