“HollerOut!”…. Here in Singapore.

HollerOut: Turning Customers into Brand Ambassadors.

There are no rules here. Anyone can be an Ambassador.

This is a referral marketing application that uses promotional code concept that enables a merchant to pay their ambassadors a referral fee each time they refer a friend.

The referral fee is rewarded in proportion to the number of customer each ambassador brings.

This application encourage promoting and marketing of services like nail spas and hair salons, bars and restaurants, bistros and cafes through word-of-mouth and social media affirmation.

Both parties benefit either by sharing code or using an ambassador’s code.

As an Ambassador, you will be rewarded with a few pennies in your stash which you can choose to cash out anytime you like.

As a Coder-user,  you will get to enjoy a 10% to 20% discount off your total bill.

As a Merchant, you get to boost your social media exposure simply by being a participating vendor. With the sharing of code with pictures and reviews, it creates a greater brand awareness.


HollerOut is expanding at a swift speed in bringing you more enjoyment.

What are you waiting for?

Download this application right now on your itunes or playstore and let the fun begins.

For enquiries on this application, please feel free to drop me a line at

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