Taipei Day Two Part 2: Shilin Night Market

Right after Taipei 101 and my tea break at Ding Tai Fung, i am now heading to my next foodaventure.

Wow, today was really a day of food. Non-stop eating.


Located in Shilin District, just a few minutes walk from Jiantan Metro station, Shilin Night Market is one of the biggest and most popular night market in Taipei. It is the favourite among both local and foreigners.



Look at the crowd…… Full of people! This reminded me of Chinatown in my hometown during Chinese New Year.

The puzzled alleys are filled with shops selling both local and international merchandise from fashion and cosmetics to accessories and gifts. 

The streets are lined with local food stalls selling a wide variety of Taiwanese traditional food and snacks.

Let me introduce you to my favourites.


Black Pepper Sausage

Look at how big these sausages are. Oooh… I loved the sausages in Taipei. It was so delicious. Unlike the sausages in my hometown, these sausages are so juicy and tender.



Fried Cuttlefish

I fell in love with this since i last had it in Xi’an, China. Super crispy and flavourful.

Here are some other interesting local food…….


Bing Tang Hu Lu

A traditional Chinese street food made up of different fruits and coated with sugar.  


Deep Fried Sweet Potato Ball


Curry Fishball


Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet

This Chicken Cutlet is bigger than your face. Lol.


Taiwanese Beef Steak


Taiwanese Braised Delights

All the night markets in Taiwan had a common uniqueness, that is vibrant and jubilant, with a friendly atmosphere.

This is definitely an experience every traveller should have in Taiwan.

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