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S King Hair Salon

Had a wonderful hair fix today! Feel so good now after getting rid of my fading blue hair.

Guess where did i get my hair fixed? Haha…

Since i am so annoyingly particular with my hair, it must be somewhere good. And yes, this is definitely more than good.

I had my hair done in this Japanese-inspired hair salon at Tamsui, located along the North Coast of Taiwan, a 40 minutes drive from Taipei.

You must be thinking i am crazy right. Why did i not get my hair fixed in Taipei instead since i am living in Ximending? Well, reason being i could not find the right salon. Simple. 

So, after my Tamsui tour today, i found this salon while strolling along the street. And here i am.

FullSizeRender (4)

S King Hair Salon is known for their efficacy in trendy hair cuts and creative colours at an affordable price, by a team of experienced stylists with impeccable skills. 


I was greeted by its simplicity and serenity the moment i stepped in. All the stylists were extremely friendly and helpful in answering me queries. As my mandarin sucks, they were really patient with me, trying to their very best to understand some of my terms in English.


The salon was spacious and elegant.


They provide nail services too.


Even the shampoo areas look classy.

FullSizeRender (5)

Refreshment was served while i’m waiting for my stylist.

Abby, the stylist who attended to me, was very knowledgeable and skilled.

Originally, i wanted to change my colour to pink but she explained that bleaching was needed and it will leave my hair dry and brittle. 

Since i had been doing lots of chemical services for the past two months, it is best to stick to colour that does not need any bleaching.

As i wanted my new colour to be more obvious, she will only bleach areas that had not been bleached before. And the areas were the ponytails that she tied up. 

She mentioned that the fading of fun colours are pretty unavoidable and educated me on maintenance so that my colour can last longer.


Here’s my new colour. Goodbye Blue Hair…Hello Purple Hair!

I am actually contemplating about dying purple as i am worried that the effect might not look good on me. Nevertheless, it turns out totally unexpected. I love it. It’s a perfect violet that is not too striking.

I had a great time here. The services provided by the staffs were so heartwarming. I will definitely return when i’m back in Taiwan.


S King Hair Salon

(1) Address: No.14 Ying Zhuan Road Tamsui District Level 2 New Taipei City Taiwan
Contact: 02-2620-3098 | 02-2620-3169
Opening Hours: 12:00 to 21:00 Tuesday – Sunday

(2) Address: No.17 Xue Fu Road Tamsui District Level 1 New Taipei City Taiwan
Contact: 02-2623-2722 | 02-2629-4599

Opening Hours: 12:00 to 21:00 Tuesday – Sunday


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