First 25 Cafe


This quaint little cafe is nestled in the busy district of Tanjong Pagar,  beneath a row of old shophouses, diagonally opposite 100AM Shopping Mall.

Despite my office is just next door, i did not noticed it until recently.

Serving mainly Italian fare, this charming little cafe is a favourite among the office professional. Unsophisticated decoration with simple whiteness and rustic chandeliers, this is a place for comfortable lunch, away from the crowd or a quiet, de-stressed afternoon tea.





I was here for a super late lunch at around 14:00 and the lunch crowd had cleared. I was impressed with the friendliness of the young staffs. Filled with a homey ambience, surely i felt a sudden soothing comfort after a hectic morning.


Pan Roast Salmon ($13.90)

The freshly pan roast salmon, served with salad, is extremely tender and succulent. A simple yet positively delicious gourmet.


Butter Rice with Furik ($2.00)

This is addictive. The oh-so flavourful rice is nicely cooked till the right softness. Just eating this alone is awesomely good.


Kudos to the two young owners who started this cafe at a young age of 25 years old. You did a great job. The food and service qualities are fantastic. Keep it up. 

I will be back here soon. Love my lunch today.


First 25 Cafe
Address: 7 Hoe Chiang Rd Singapore 089313
Contact: 6221-2565
Opening Hours:
07:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday | 12:00 to 20:00 Saturday | Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday

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