Milk Bar & Bistro


If you are looking for a good brunch here in Barcelona, look no further!

Located in the enigmatic Gothic Quarter, with close proximity to the alluring Port Vell, this exquisitely picturesque bistro served a menu of scrumptious “Recovery Brunch”.

Yes. Recovery. But recovery from what?

Well, i guess it can be from many things. As many of you know, Barcelona is a City that never sleep. So to me, it must be from a night of bad hangover and partying.



Milk first opened its door in this beautiful old town in 2005 by an Irish couple. The bistro was well-liked by both the locals and foreigners.

Classy ambience with plush comfy sofas and cuddly pillows, this is a great place to relax and chill out with friends. 

Starting the day by serving breakfast and brunch, the bistro turns into a vibrant bar in the evening serving premium cocktail.

The bistro is popular for their innovative yet affordable brunch menu.

Here’s the food.



Soft and crusty baguette are freshly served.


Egg Benedict (€8.75)

This is my first Egg Benedict in life. Haha. Guess all my First are given to Barcelona.

The perfectly cooked poached eggs, covered generously with creamy hollandaise sauce are served on freshly toasted chapata bread, together with tasty salad, yummy streaky bacon and crispy potato.

A simple and beautiful fare that is delicious and tasty.


Milk’s Fry Up (€9.95)

Generous creamy scrambled eggs, served with yummy streaky bacon, crispy potato, superb sautéed mushroom, tasty baked beans and tomato.

Definitely a mouth watering and value for money dish which is awesomely enjoyable.



A cup of aromatic Cappuccino to end the meal…..

What a  perfect way to start the beautiful day in Barcelona in an excellent brunch bistro! Now my hangover is cured. 

Highly recommended as you will definitely love the savoury brunch. 

Be prepared to queue as the crowds may get overwhelming.

Milk Bar & Bistro
Address: Carrer Gignàs, 21, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Contact: +34 932 680 922
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 02:00 Monday to Sunday

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