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10 Reasons Women Should Travel Solo


Ladies embarking on solo trips around the globe is becoming quite a thing in today’s world. Many women have already hopped on this ride while many are still in lurching in the skeptics of all the solo female travel thingy. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. I definitely can co-relate and understand your concerns, thinking back when I first started out on my own.

While there are many ‘female friendly’ countries out there, it really does still take a huge step of faith to begin this solo adventure challenge. This was true for me! Although I am a seasoned solo female traveller, I still feel scared whenever I am bound for a trip to a completely new destination. In such situations, my mind loves the role of the devil’s advocate and continues to taunt me about my thoughts of the trip. 

Nevertheless, everywhere I go, I still meet lots of single ladies on the road like me. Most of whom hail from different backgrounds and countries, each with an interesting story to tell.

The adventurous ones would have gone hiking up some stunning mountain while those seeking to recharge under the sun are lazing around pristine beaches. The pioneers would go hunt for exotic un-touristy locales that aren’t easily accessible or even known to the world just to capture and share their unrivalled captivating moments. Even more interesting are some who, in an instant, fell head over heels with the country they visited and have decided with a snap of a finger to settle there!

I suppose these are some of the weird and wonderful things that travel can do to us humans where even all of psychology could not clearly define. Travel opens our eyes to things, both seen and unseen. Things around us, things inside of us. After spending years on the road, I truly think that solo female travel isn’t as scary as you might think. I truly encourage all of you who have not tasted the seed of solo travel to embark on this journey, at least once in your life time. I cannot guarantee you will love it at first-bite as it largely depends on each individual. But you should at least try it before you conclude otherwise. It is really a life changing experience to miss out on if you don’t and here are 10 reasons why you should solo travel.

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1. You get to understand yourself

Travelling is an eye opener that allows you to understand yourself better. When you are out there all alone in a brand new place, you become sensitive to the environment around you and you start to observe and engage with the situation around you. You are exposed to cultures and things that you have probably never seen or did before, broadening your knowledge and furthering your opportunities in life. It allows you to clearly define what you really want, what you like, what is your strengths, or, what is your passion etc. 

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2. You unknowingly exit your comfort zone

Instead of snuggling under your duvet, you are forced to get out. I believe you wouldn’t want to waste your money flying all the way to wherever you chose to be and just hide in your “hotel cave” and sleep your days away. You will explore the city and its alleys, learning to read maps and landmarks, all by yourself. You are forced to talk to strangers at breakfast, making friends with them and finding out what you need to know on your current adventure. You begin to rid of your ‘lazy bug’ to climb up 1,000 steps of stairs to the highest peak, something you would not even dare to think of or do back home just because you want to catch the most gorgeous sunset that paradise has to offer.

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3. You value experiences

Even the simplest things in life can touch your heart while on the road and every memory made during the journey is beautiful. Yes, no doubt a clean vibrant cosmopolitan city is all but glam. But a rural, laid-back, undeveloped countryside is also attractive in its own uncomplicated and unspoken way. You will start to appreciate things the way it is and understand every detail behind it, seeing how simple life can actually be. These experiences create memorable tales that stay with you over your  lifetime and your generations after.

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4. You have total financial control

Be it an adventurous backpacking trip around Thailand or a luxurious escapade at one of the on-reef bungalows in Maldives, you call the shots. You get to plan your trip whichever way you like it according to your financial flexibility, without the need to please everyone or even breaking the bank. You will be more budget conscious and wise when it comes to financial planning, spending only on things you need and not on materialistic things that you don’t need. 

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5. You become highly adaptable

Not every trip is a smooth sail and you learn to adapt into every situation the more you travel. You could pen down a perfect dream journey with detailed itineraries from day one to day three. However, all could be to no avail when unexpected challenges come suddenly at you during your visit. Almost immediately you become upset, demoralised and even disappointed to continue on. However, being all alone in a foreign country, you quickly learn to swallow all these negativity, unpleasant happenings and events, overcoming them with your maturity and laughing about it looking back in the future.

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6. You become super confident

Solo travelling brings your confidence to the next level. The word ‘no’ will no longer be in your dictionary. You will do whatever you want and achieve whatever is in your heart and mind. You will believe that as long as you take your chance and put in your utmost effort, working towards your goal, you will be there.

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7. You have total freedom

You have the whole world and time to yourself. You get to decide yourself when and where is best for you in the moment and go for it. If you don’t like a destination, you simply move on. If you like a country so much that you don’t feel like moving your butt, you can stay for as long as you like. No hindrance, no questions asked. You don’t have to report to anyone or plan anything for others. Simply enjoy life everyday in your dream destination as it comes to you.

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8. You become more courageous

Travel takes you around the destination, introducing you to things you might not even know, seen or done before. These things often spark a curiosity that makes you want to try. It can be hiking up the Everest, bungee jumping in Dubai or swimming with sharks. Things that you can never encounter back home and with only one chance in the moment, you forget all about the risks and fear. You just do it without further thoughts. There you go, before you realise it, one item is ticked off your “to-do” bucket list.

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9. You are signed out of social media

In today’s modern world, we are all so glued to our electronic gadgets and social media that it is hard to take our eyes off from our phones or tablets for just a second. Being on the road forces you to live with limited internet connection or totally no internet at all. But it is not a bad thing. You get to better appreciate the precious moments of life, admiring the beauty of a simple world without the distractions of technology and digital influences. This is also a great time for some self reflection.

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10. You are never alone

Although it is easier to get things done alone, it is also great to spend time with like minded people. You are never alone on the road and striking up a conversation is easy. Start with a smile and introduce yourself and things will take its course. Especially if you are staying at a hostel, you are surrounded by many solo travellers. Some of whom are even looking for a travel buddy for an exciting expedition. Certain funs are better done with friends rather than alone.

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Have you travelled solo or are you planning to travel solo? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment below.
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