20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Vietnam

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Vietnam, a country with a long history of resilience that is modest in culture, is often hailed as one of the cheapest and safest destinations in Southeast Asia. Whether you are a beach lover, foodie fanatic or an adventurous soul who loves biking around the little roads around its French designed suburbs or even its enormous paddy filled country side, or, simply embark on a hike up one of the stunning mountains of the Indochina plateau; Vietnam has you covered.

A country eponymous with contrasts of diversities, from rugged landscapes and exotic nature to bustling city life, ancient architectures to modern contemporary buildings, local roadside food stalls to quirky fusion cafes, and, historic battle remains to pristine world class beaches; you will be amazed by the energy and vibe that Vietnam can fuel your travel bug for a non-stop adventure across the country.

Every part of Vietnam is distinct and has its own story to tell. Travelling around the different parts of Vietnam and integrating into its local culture and lifestyles is truly an “eye opening” yet wholesome experience. Even crossing the road here in Vietnam is a “life” skill found no where else in the world! But please, don’t apply it back in your own country!

The experience one had in Vietnam lasts a lifetime of memories and even helps mould one’s personal growth. I have met many travellers here who are head-over-heels in love with this amazing country but yet I have also met some who has frequently questioned their trip all the way here. Whatever it is, you have to visit Vietnam yourself and see it with your own eyes.

To me, Vietnam is a super big country and I have seen and experienced almost every part of its major cities in many separate visits. I have had my good time in Vietnam and I have to say I’m super in love with Hue and Da Nang especially with all that grub! 

So here are 20 of my favourite and most memorable ‘Vietnam’ scenes to initiate the travel bug in you to pop by Vietnam for a visit.

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