The Ultimate Canggu Travel Guide


A current hot spot sharing similar characteristics and having the same laid-back lifestyle to that of Ubud, Canggu is the most well loved, up and coming location in Bali. Not only is it so much less touristy, the living expenses here is also astonishingly affordable. 

Already garnered a huge popularity among both expatriates and surfers, Canggu, though still in its developing stage, has already had many trendy cafes and bars. Wellness activities are also on the rise and has drawn many health aficionado here as well.

Situated north of Seminyak and south of Tanah Lot, Canggu is blessed with an eight kilometre long tropical beach. The surrounding neighbourhood are surrounded by verdant rice plantation, all beset in a peaceful mode.


Travel Nuggets

◊ Travel Period

As Bali is a year round destination, any time is a good time to travel. However, do take note that the wet season is from October to March.

◊ Language

The official language spoken is Balinese but most people are trilingual, being able to converse fluently in Indonesian and English as well.

◊ Local Currency

The Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency. Certain shops, cafes and bars do accept credit cards. However, it may include a small surcharge. Banks and ATM withdrawal machines can be found easily without hassle at almost every street and convenience store.

◊ Daily Expenses

Excluding accommodation and transport, a budget of IDR120,000 is good for a day’s expenses. 


Getting Around

Do it the Bali way yo! Rent a bike. That’s the best way to explore Bali. You’ll be surprised by its traffic. During peak hours, it tends to get crazily jam. Weave through the roads and escape the traffic.

Bike rental is so cheap and bike rental shops can usually be found next or close to hotel premises. Some hotels also provide bike rental services directly.

Scared of riding a bike? Fear not. You can use the local ‘Go-Jek’ app to book a ‘bike’ service. It works the same way as Uber, but on a bike instead if you’re a single traveller.

Uber is way cheaper compared to taxis. However, you’ll have to be very discreet when using this service. Due to the exclusive control on taxi services, Uber and other taxi services from outside of certain townships cannot operate openly and are not allowed in restricted areas. 

The main taxi provider is Blue Bird Taxi. You can book a service through ‘Blue Bird’ app. If you’re hailing for a taxi along the road, avoid the touts and make sure the taxi meter is switched-on or negotiate the price before boarding.



Options, options and more options. Bali has a total of more than five thousand hotels spanning across the vast island. So, irregardless of what your budget is, you can definitely find a place to your liking.

◊ Luxury Stay in Canggu

Fashion Canggu Villa Ashley – Indulge in posh luxury. A modern glamour located ten minutes away from the beach. With its chic spacious layout and classy decor, you’re in for a glamorous stay.

Villa Kaira Estate – Right on the beach. A perfect haven with a perfect ocean view and private infinity edge pool. 


◊ Comfort Stay in Canggu

Theanna Eco Villa and Spa – Located close to the beach. This hotel is known for its impeccable hospitality, huge private pool and FREE bicycles for guests to use.

The Haven Suites Bali Berawa – More than a perfect choice. This haven is an affordable five star property located close to the beach. The unique wooden decors and fine designs boost an elegant stylishness that’ll make you feel luxurious in very corner.


◊ Budget Stay in Canggu

Puri Canggu Villas & Room – On a budget but still wanna treat yourself to a villa stay? Look no further. This up-to-date hotel has earned a good reputation for its affordable villas in a Balinese garden style ambience.

Hotel FRii Bali Echo Beach – Just a five minutes walk from Echo Beach, this well furnished hotel, surrounded by lush tropical green has much to offer, along with an array of activitities.

The Apartments Canggu – A place you can call home featuring studio units and one-bedroom apartments that comprise of a living room, a kitchen and an air-conditioned bedroom. A plus point is the FREE bicycles and surf boards all-ready for guests’ enjoyment.


◊ Airbnb in Canggu

If you plan to stay longer, Airbnb is a good choice to find a perfect ‘temporary’ home away home. From stylish houses to exotic villas, whatever your preference is, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

Get S$50 OFF your FIRST S$100 Airbnb Stay! Sign up HERE for free Airbnb Credit.



Popular place to eat? There are many! Some are still waiting to be revealed.

To start the day, head to one of the many cafes or even roadside stalls for a cheap and heart warming breakfast. Choices from vegan to sinfully tempting local or western breakfast spreads are widely available.

For dinner, enjoy a sunset dinner under the fiery orange sky. It’s time to have your breathe drawn away by the gorgeous sun setting and its beautiful backdrop. 


Peloton Supershop – Hip and vibrant, vegan and vegetarian, cafe and bicycle shop. Colourful bowls of healthy smoothies that send joy down your spine, just by looking at it.

Crate Cafe – Carefree atmosphere and innovative food menu is everyone’s love; the Gluten free food, eat-more-plants options, in-housed coffee and not to forget the popular dish ‘Peas Please’.


La Mexicana – Escape the Balinese lifestyle for an evening. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner at this beautifully decorated restaurant in a romantic Mexican setting that serves affordable authentic Mexican food.

The Lawn – Chic beachside restaurant with comfortable lawn lounging areas allowing you the total freedom to laze your day away, bathing under the sun, with a glass of breezy drink and tasty bites.


Bakso Rudi – A simple roadside stall may have an unexpected surprise waiting. This mini bowl of Bakso ‘Meatball’ soup may look plain, but don’t judge based on its look. Give it a try then send me a thank you text.

Warung Varuna – One of my favourite mixed rice shop. This homely casual cafe specialising in Nasi Campur has a dense variety of dishes selection to keep you ordering for more. While the humble cafe does not have a website, they’re all over Google.



Surfing – Canggu beaches have one of the most attractive big waves. The three beaches Batu Balong, Echo and Mengening are highly favoured among both locals and tourists. So, take advantage of this natural playground and head to beach for an adrenalin pumping surf. 

Relax At A Beach Bar – If surfing is not your forte, you can always lounge at one of the beach bar or cafe, and breathe in the stunning scenery right in front of you, with a couple of beers or skilfully crafted local mocktails. My favourite hanging out place is The Lawn.

Chill At Old Man’s – What a catchy name! This is a happy beach front beach garden overlooking the all happening Batu Bolong beach and is the best spot to refuel your spirit after your day’s activities.


Yoga – The cozy yoga house, Serenity Eco Guesthouse located within short walking distance from the beach, offers twelve yoga session a day for yoga lovers to revitalize their soul.

Samadi Sunday Market – Experience the vibrant vibe of Canggu’s Sunday Market. Lots of fresh organic fruits and other local produce, creatively designed crafts, clothing, and delicious local home-made delights to smack your tastebuds. 

Visit Tanah Lot – The historically charming temple that sits atop a rock formation amidst the sea that has continuously awed visitors with its beauty and gorgeous picture worthy backdrop. An evening sunset trip is most definitely worth it.


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