20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Cambodia


A Kingdom of surprise, Cambodia has plenty to offer even more than its ancient historic sites that you may have heard of. You’ll be left awestruck by the beauty of its gorgeous beaches and stunning scenery right up into the unexpected bustling nightlife scenes. The folks here are genuinely friendly in accommodating you during your stay and their hospitality would definitely warm your heart.

#1. Angkor Watwp-1490690255058

Getting wander-fully lost in the jungles of Siem Reap, the archeological park of Angkor Wat is what usually attracts most tourists to Cambodia. As the national symbol of Cambodia, this is the historic remains of the ancient Khmer Empire that went mysteriously ‘missing’ without  a trace.

#2. West Gate

#3. Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple, seated at the centre of the wall of Angkor Thom is the other Angkorian site popular for its enormous ‘smiling stone faces’ and unfathomable architectural designs.

#4. Ruins of Ta Prohm Temple

#5. Peculiar Tree Trunk of Ta Prohm Temple

Discovering the living jungles of Ta Prohm; a temple that has been shielded by the peculiarly humongous roots and barks of vast trees that have grown over its structure. This archeological site is like something out of an Indiana Jones movie and will definitely have you stay dumbfounded with your jaw open throughout your visit.

#6. Stilt Houses On Tonle Sap Lake

#7. Kampong Phluk

Experience the exotic yet laid-back lifestyles of the locals by immersing yourself in the rural atmosphere of Kampong Phluk with a cruise along the tranquil Tonle Sap Lake. Have your camera ready to capture the colours and life of the beautifully-messy yet social media worthy floating stilt houses by the side of river.

#8. Pub Street

Still pumping with adrenalin way into the night? Fill your night with even more entertainment and party as you soak in the fun at Pub Street. A lively street where bars and restaurants are gathered, this is a good place to hang out or party till late without burning a hole in your pockets. Binge on your annual load of drinks with crazily cheap beers and let your night slip away unknowingly – while you stay sober!

#9. Royal Palace

#10. Royal Palace Park

The iconic skyline of Phnom Penh, the splendour of the Royal Palace, with its complex architectural inventiveness is undoubtedly the highlight of the city. When evening falls, this place tends to get crowded as it is one of the top spots to catch a beautiful sunset. 

#11. Mekong River

Spending a romantic time on the river of Mekong by taking a slow sunset sail downriver to explore and bask in the beauty of the surrounding areas of Phnom Penh. The Mekong river cruise is a fantastic way to end the day. As this is a small cruise tour, you get to make friends with other tourists during your sail.

#12. Streets of Phnom Penh

#13. Streets of Phnom Penh

The streets of Phnom Penh are filled with wonders from its artistic cultural buildings to its impressive monumental pagodas. Integrate yourself into its culture by taking a stroll along the streets either by foot or on a small ‘tuk-tuk’. Do observe the out and about of the locals as you will notice many interesting characteristics, culture and daily activities that you will not be able to find elsewhere.

#14. Kampot City

Kampot, one of the most serene, most relaxed city with its famous red (smelly fruit) Durian statue in the middle of a traffic roundabout. Kampot is famous for its exportation of quality durians to its neighbouring countries. Many tourists don’t mind the look of the fruit, but when it comes to its taste, it’s for you to find out. As Kampot used to be a French Colony, you will be able to see many old rustic French-like buildings around the city.

#15. Animal-Like Plant At Bokor Mountain

#16. Old Catholic Church At Bokor Mountain

#17. Bokor Palace Hotel 
20170601_161129 (1)

A luxury French resort area back in the 1920s, Bokor Mountain today is one of Cambodia’s tourist attraction. With an improved road, it is easily accessible by many. Its breathtaking scenery and restoration of old abandoned French buildings are the main highlight of the tour. The eerily haunted looking Bokor Palace Hotel, which befitted the movie-set venue for City of Ghosts by Matt Dillon, is the most talked about among tourists and locals. Truly a place to tingle your imaginations.

#18. Kep Beach

#19. Kep Beach

#20. Fishermen At Kep Town 
20170601_165156 2

Kep town is blessed with both beautiful beaches and the freshest crabs in Cambodia. It used to be a highly reputable beach destination for both the locals and the French elites. Today, the town is sparsely populated. This restful beach town is a quiet getaway and a great place to enjoy a few fresh crabs to rejuvenate yourself from your hectic touristy activities.

visit the free museums.png

My experience in Cambodia is far more than words alone can explain and I could not stop reminiscing of my trip back there. 

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