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The Face Shop – False Eyelashes


I am never a Falsies person. Never did i successfully put on a pair of falsies myself. The only time i wore falsies was during photo shoots.

I felt very uncomfortable wearing falsies and certain falsies make my eyes looked weird as it was very plasticy. 

Until recently, i was introduced to this by one of my friend.


Falsies from The Face Shop.

My first impression when i saw this was “huh”… And after some encouragement, i promised to try it.

I was very surprised. I managed to put it on at first try. No problem, no difficulties at all.

I have to admit that this pair of falsies were of the best quality. It’s soft and non-plasticy. It enhanced my eyes and it looked very natural. The glue that came with it was in a small tube. Just a small amount applied, it lasted for the whole day. 

As for removing, it was easy too. All i did was to soak a cotton pad with eye make up remover tap it onto my eyes and let it sit for awhile. Thereafter, the falsies got loosen up and i just removed it by hand.

So simple! And i have fallen in love with it.

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