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99 Percent Hair Studio

I have been keeping my hair super duper long hair (below waist) for God knows how many years.


In the past two years, i always had my hair done in Barcelona. It was so much cheaper and the service was good.

Last month, i got so tired of my hair and wanted to cut it short (as in above waist). I do not want to wait until November when i am back to Barcelona. It’s too long.

Hmmm… Not too sure if cutting my hair short was a right choice as my hair was an important part of me. 

Bad hair = Bad me (moody)

I am also very particular with who touches my hair. So, i started doing research on some salons and came across 99 Percent Hair Studio.

99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio is a reputable modern and hip salon, located at Haji Lane and East Coast Road, with excellent reviews. Besides excelling in hair services, they also have incredible nail services too. The price of their services are very reasonable and definitely will not hurt your pocket. 

I booked an appointment and went for it.

The hairdresser who attended to me was Kent, a Senior Stylist with a ‘nerdy’ Korean look. Lol. That was my first impression of him. But he was far from nerdy. From the erudite conversation that we had about my hair, i must say he was very experienced. I am very impressed, knowing my hair was in good hand. He was very meticulous and attentive, handling my hair with great care and patience. Worried that i may not be used to my hair being too short, he advised an acceptable length which suited me well.

I did a soft rebonding, followed by a hair cut. The soft rebonding was to make my hair naturally straight and silky smooth.

FullSizeRender (5)

Me… after hair cut. I love the length as i feel so much lighter and easier to manage. 

I paid about $240 after adding in $15 membership fee for a year and less off member discount for these services.

The membership scheme comes with an attractive benefits. By being a member, you are entitled to 10% off all hair services at all time. During your birthday month, you will get a 10% + 20% off. If you bring a friend along for hair service, both of you get to enjoy 20% off. Cool isn’t it?

Now, this month is my birthday month. Since i get to enjoy the awesome member’s benefits, i went back for a hair fix.


I have been wanting to try a bright trendy colour, but was in a dilemma as i need to maintain a professional look for work.

Kent suggested i coloured the inner part of my hair, which was a good idea. It would not be overly dramatic and i can hid that inner part under my jacket at work. Haha.

Initially, i wanted purple colour but decided to go with blue. According to Kent, blue was perfect for my natural brown hair.


Here’s how my hair looked like after bleaching.

To prevent damage to my hair as i just had my rebonding done last month, it was only bleached once. Thereafter, blue dye was applied.


That’s Kent… The awesome hair stylist.

Shit, i forgot to snap a picture of my blue hair.

Anyway, this was my new hair cut. I chopped my hair even shorter this time. This is the perfect length for me. Can you see my blue hair hiding inside? 

Love how the ends of my hair curled so naturally inwards. All thanks to this fantastically skilled hair stylist. Guess i am going to have the curl done permanent soon.

I am so in loved with my hair now.

Guess how much i spend? $250 after member discount to have my hair done so beautifully. The original price for this service, including bleaching (regardless of how many times) is $369. This is a plus point of 99 Percent Hair Studio.

I understand that many other hair salons are charging approximately $70 to $100 per bleach which makes the whole service very costly.

Who say it is expensive to have beautiful hair?

Here at 99 Percent Hair Studio, you can have beautiful hair at an affordable price with tip top service, without burning a hole in your wallet.

99 Percent Hair Studio

(1) Address: 40 Haji Lane #01-01 Singapore 189233
Contact: 6396-3667

(2) Address: 42 East Coast Road #01-03 MODA Singapore 428762
Contact: 6702-7062

Opening Hours:
11:00 to 20:30 Monday to Saturday | 11:00 to 19:30 Sunday


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