First Meet with WALTER!


Hey there, I am WALTER. Am i cute?

I think Cally finds me damn cute. She keeps taking selfies with me till i lost count of how many pictures we’ve took. In case you are wondering, I know i do look like a Shih Tzu. But hell, i am not. I am a unique breed.

I am a Lhasa Apso. My ancestors are from Tibet. Sounds cool huh?

Hundred of years ago, my breed is a Royal Protector (please do not call us Watchdog). We protect humans living in palaces and monasteries in the mountainous homeland.

Please do not underestimate our abilities and capabilities, though we are small in stature. When its comes to protecting our humans, we can be somewhat aggressive and fierce. One thing we learnt in life is “Never trust anyone” when our humans are in dangers.

We are intelligent and highly independent, never want to bother or trouble our humans. We are adorable and obedient.

A short walk a day in the park make us happy. A grooming session once in a while, because of our over-fluffy thick coat at the Doggie salon make us feel like an angel. Not only human wants to look good, we want to look good too.


Look at me… I love my tail. Cally said my tail looks like a fluffy magic wand. Ding! Ding! I know my body looks botak (no hair). This is due to the weather here. It’s so super hot and humid. I cannot tahan (cannot take it). That is why i cut it short. I feel cooler and easier to maintain.


We are highly adaptable and we can live anywhere. For me, i prefer to live in condominium or flat, best on high floor, where i am now. I love to admire the greenish scenery and beautiful sunset at the balcony with my humans.

I enjoy my life to the fullest, making sweet memories as each day passes. I am a simple dog, living a simple life. I am thankful for what i have and i am also thankful to my humans for taking good care for me (though i always irritate them in the middle of the night, while they are sleeping by knocking on their bedroom door to allow me in to sleep with them. Haha.)

Before i end, my words to all my Friends, “Keep Calm & Live Life To The Fullest”!



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