StitchetoHello everybody! A big welcome to my brand new crochet page ‘ S T I T C H E T O ‘.

For those who may have noticed, over the past few months I have been really engaged on a new found passion. Crocheting! This new vocational skill has taught me a great lot personally, especially from the journey of visualising, to execution and completion. Moreover, this is a passion that trains my 3Ps; Patience, Perseverance and Persistence. So it really isn’t true what some may perceive that crocheting and knitting are only for “old ladies to pass the time slowly on a rocking chair”.

Today, I have gained a lot of knowledge and am also able to design my own patterns all by myself. I’ve also made several crocheting projects on my own and many wearable fashion items for myself totally from scratch… or more accurately put: from a nice ball of yarn.

With so many designs, colours and projects of mine, I decided to make a portal to share this life-changing passion out there. Here on Stitcheto, a name derived by combining the word ‘stitch’ and ‘crochet’, will be a page to share everything about crochet, knitting and many other creative handmade projects with my friends and fans out there. 

This will also be a cyber venue where a community of kick-ass, enthusiastic crafters and designers of all levels can gather to learn and share about crochet techniques and expand their skills through guides, tips, mini projects and motivation.

To follow or check out my latest stitch and pattern desires, kindly click the image below and it will “yarn you over”.


Stitchfully yours,
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