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When smartphone devices began to introduce colours, higher definition pixels, touchscreen and even surround sound, so came the new genres of smartphone screen-sized thumb-controlled games. Gone were the days when clicking digit buttons and mini directional pads were used to control a mono-chromed tiny snake to eat all the pixelated dots on screen.

When Candy Crush debuted, it instantly became a fad as it raised the bar of what smartphone or smart device games should be. I’m pretty sure everyone has played Candy Crush once in their life with a smartphone. At the very least, the drones and chimes of its background music would instantly be key to recognising the game. This game would be the reason young kids, then and now, are addicted to these game apps on smart devices.


Candy of My Eye

Candy Crush managed to pull a lot of interest by maximising the use of higher definition pixels and a plethora of colourful graphical interfaces that are catchy and easy for the eyes to digest. The colourful world of candies animated in vibrant colours and twitchy movements just came on-screen literally. Folks of all ages can easily identify with the shapes, colours and, who knows, the taste of the candies being swiped and crunched on screen.

Shapes are the first cognitive recognition and colours follow after. And animating these 2D sprites aren’t very difficult either using even the most basic of animation software. The idea is to generally have millions of candy renditions that allow hours of continuous play and eye-coloured candy ‘feasts’.

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Music to My Ears

Another feature Candy Crush scored remarkably was the background sound track. The simple drones of bells and beats was simple and catchy for many from the youngest generation to the oldest. This made Candy Crush instantly recognisable whenever someone was playing it aloud in the metro or a bus.

Soundtracks like these aren’t very difficult to create either, but it still takes a stroke of genius to orchestrate the melody. There’s a lot of media tools that can be used to create your own repetitive tunes or even mix your next rhythm.

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Recipe for Candy-work

The simple progressive level features and booming unlocked bonuses gives the gameplay more addiction and no specific one-method to win every level. The dynamism and freedom of decision-making, with some guidance at times, helps keep users addicted to the many ways to complete a given level. Not to mention the unlimited attempts one may keep trying to solve the puzzle. This keeps gamers coming back again to try again and again with no lack of enthusiasm. To make it more addictive, gamers can also get life-assists through participative media platform friends whom seem to be equally addicted as them to the game.

This is one way to make a game socially hyped by tapping into the user’s network of contacts either through invites or by their pre-installed participative media platforms. Sure, let the gamers do the marketing for you.


The Rise of The Digital Community – MMPOG (Massive Multi Player Online Games)

Candy Crush has certainly paved the way for many game developers to rethink their approach. Even now, there are thousands of Candy Crush variants using the same game engine but different ‘themes’ attempting to recreate the same success. However, as a new generation of ever-so-connected humans through digital networks come of age, so has the demand for multi player games evolving from desktop PCs to smartphones.

Massive Multi Player Online Games, be it role-playing or avatar based, have seen dramatic debuts where masses of players from all over the world band up together in teams to seek glory. So huge is this phenomenon that the title, “professional gamer” can be a new resume edit, especially when kids half one’s age is a millionaire just from playing games. Candy Crush may be way out of the league of these e-sports championships but who’s to say they didn’t start the gaming craze in the beginning anyway?

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Candy Crush has evolved many times now but has since lost its former glory to newer genre of games and the flushing of its various clone renditions. Nevertheless, its distinctive drone of bells and chimes is one tune that will hardly get out of anyone’s head.

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