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Best HTML / CSS Tool For Beginners

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HTML, XHTML, CSS, WYSIWYG. Some of the acronyms that make you start to cringe by the sound of it. No, they are not alien languages. Some of us may have come across these in our lives, maybe even in our younger days at college. But these acronyms are the building blocks of our internet realm that we enjoy and fantasize so much about today. If ever you were asked to do some HTML (hyper text markup language) or CSS (cascading style sheet) coding or editing, don’t panic. Here’s my best hack for the simplest HTML authoring tool for the job.



WordPress, as supported by Baker & Kenlon (2020) from, has a unique WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) webpage editor tool that helps website builders with zero HTML or CSS background to build a complete website from scratch with drag and drop functions using their recently enhanced WordPress Editor plugin. Users can even get a head start by choosing one of the many pre-installed themes, subscribed and free versions, to begin crafting and designing their websites without needing to worry about coding.

For those veteran or professional developers, you can still work your magic by clicking the ellipsis icon (i.e the 3 dots) and edit the page or content using its built in HTML editor. There is also a CSS editor tool for those who want to micro-manage or adjust the website settings directly as well.



Elementor is a WordPress plugin WYSIWYG freemium tool that has even more functions and layout options compared to WordPress Editor. Elementor has many available website presets and page layout options that make website building easy and fun. There is still an option for those wanting to try a hand in HTML or CSS coding within the editorial tool. Users can create columnar page layouts or insert linked buttons for added functionality and features. Users only need to drag and drop and edit the contents directly, saving loads of time and migraine from coding work.

The free version plugin is incredibly sufficient for most beginners, although their subscribed version has even more functions and tools available for crafting even more sophisticated websites.


Notepad ++

A very simple and handy free HTML authoring tool with an open sourced library support but is only available on Windows based operating systems. Personally, I use Notepad++ to copy my HTML codes for saving offline or for sending to my developers for editing and troubleshooting. It still is a very handy tool to have to view, edit and add codes if certain third-party plugins on WordPress cannot provide those features I require specifically.

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Personally, my best HTML and CSS hack is Elementor because of its user friendly and ease of use WYSIWYG interface. Users can still check, see and edit the HTML and CSS codes directly if they have any other specific requirements in mind.

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