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Choosing The Right Social Medium

Choosing The Right Social Medium

Many of my clients and friends often ask me, “why do I keep focusing on promoting my brand on Instagram over the years instead of other social media sites and platforms?” Honestly, it has nothing to do with loyalty or not wanting to diversify. It is simply that Instagram works well for me and my brand, and, has delivered stunning results despite its algorithm changes that may have affected some users.

According to Marshall McLuhan’s book,  The medium is the message!, his view of marketing is, put simply, that ‘the way a message is sent and received is more important than the message itself’.

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To get the highest exposure and the best returns on investment (ROI) on social media, it is highly advisable to choose the right social media platform for you and that works for you. The first key is to choose the social media platform where your target audiences are mostly on, and by doing so, you will get the maximum exposure and would have easily accomplished your marketing objectives. This is far more efficient and effective than wasting your time on platforms that are not working out for you.

The mediums, or the media platforms, do change how people behave, interact or even transact. Different mediums were also designed to focus on different visual content, sharing and communication aspects. Hence, each platform will have their own group of users with their own unique quirks and needs, and this would significantly affect your marketing strategies.

Also, with a wide mix of users from different countries and cultures across the globe, the level of interaction and transactional influences can widely affect most domestic markets. Wherever or whenever something goes viral on a social media platform, its trending influence resonates in the physical realm forcing businesses and individuals to imitate it just to profit from it. This is why working on the medium first really seems like a good idea these days.

Hence, when it comes to marketing and brand promotion, figure out the social media platform that works for you best before you crack your head on the message!

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