My Crocheting Journey

My Crocheting Journey

A new journey begins when a new passion appears.

This holiday season, I’ve picked up a new creative skill that accompanies me on the road, at a transit lounge, on a flight to somewhere and basically, everywhere I go. Crocheting. It all began at a craft store several months back that arouse from a simple bit of curiosity.

I came across a ‘yarn alley’ that was full of colourful yarn balls stacked up high, shelves upon shelves. I could not take my eyes off them as the variety of colours and their soft-bouncy texture simply mesmerised me like a kid watching Christmas lights.

IMG20181202160930 copy

I decided right then and there that I’m going try out this new ‘project’ and bought some yarns of my favourite colours. I checked out various Google and Youtube sites for some basic tutorials and guides. However, nothing crafty comes easy for me initially with my hand behaving like my feet. After a few attempts, things finally took off and my crochet ‘stitch’ started to really look like a proper stitch. Another thing off my bucket-list!

Fast forward, I am now falling head over heels in love with this new found passion and skill that seems to have unlimited potential and projects. I totally love the flexibility that I could crochet so many patterns and challenge the limit of my creativity wherever I go and wherever I am. It helps keep my mind on a mini creative adventure all the time and improves my hand-eye coordination too.

IMG20181202162833 copy

With perseverance, constant research and self-study, I strengthened my knowledge and skills on crocheting and have recently come up with a few designs of my own creation. From toys, stationery, accessories, sweaters, scarfs and hats; all of which I can’t wait to share them individually on my blog. I love these designs and am planning to use them wisely this Christmas. Well, you could say they are Christmas gifts from me to myself. 

Here’s a sneak peek:

Besides travel, crocheting will now be an official new topic on my blog. For my crafty traveller friends, do stay tune for more upcoming fun crafty ideas that will spark your journey with unexpected interest and you too, will find a new skill or passion.

Currently I love crocheting travel wear and accessories that I would use myself during my travels for all kinds of seasons and I can’t wait to feature them on me-self on my blog soon.

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